14 Things Android Phone Could Do You Don’t Know

This is the age of technology. There are different things that have made our life easier. The smartphone is one of the most important additions of this modern technology. There are different types of smartphones, Android is the most popular around the world. All most all the people of the world use at least one Android phone. A lot of things you can do with your Android mobile. You many know many things about your Android phone. But there are others unknown things Android phone could do you don’t know.

Android Device Unknown Tips & Tricks

You have an Android phone, the whole world is in your pocket. Android mobile is like a mini computer or laptop. You can use Android phone various purposes. You can use anywhere, anyplace you like. Here are 14 Android mobile unknown tricks, you should know.

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If you know more, you can do more. You will get better facilities from your Android device. So you should know all the things Android phone could do.

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In this tutorial, I am going to share some of the most important Android mobile unknown tricks that will make you smarter than before.

 Things Android Phone Could Do

14 Things Android Phone Could Do: Android Mobile Unknown Tricks

Voice Search

Voice search is one of the interesting things Android phone could do. Most of the Android users can use this service. Your Android phone allows you voice search with OK Google.

Go to Google Search and tap on  Microphone Icon or say OK Google send an Email and text saying Text Dove, What are you doing or Email Cathrine, Are you coming today. Then hit Send button.

Email yourself a reminder Note to self, call John.

You can also find out the weather or traffic situation. Do I need an umbrella today.

Use as a Surveillance Camera

You can also use your Android phone as a surveillance camera. There different apps are available to do that.

IP Webcam is an excellent app to stream your phone camera screen to your PC.

Control Your PC Screen from Android 

You can control and mirror and control your PC screen to Android phone. You can use Splashtop is an Android app, it is really an excellent app. See PC movies on Android mobile with this app.

Control your Mobile from Distant

This one of the excellent things Android phone could do. You can control your device from the distant place using different apps.

TeamViewer is such an app you can control your mobile remotely using your PC.

You can also use Vyor is a chrome extension, you can control your device.

Transfer File from Android to PC

You can transfer a file from your Android mobile wirelessly. Using AirDorid app you can do it.

Track Your Android Phone from Any Place

Sometimes we lose our Android phone. It is really disturbing. But if you use Android Device Manager or other apps like Cereberus anti theft or Avast, you can track your mobile from anywhere using internet connection.

Linux Operating System on Android

This is really and impossible feature of Android mobile. You can run the whole Linux Operating System on your Android device/mobile.

Unlock Your Phone By SMS

If you forget your password or pattern lock then you can unlock by sending SMS.

Record Mobile Screen

Record your Android screen using different apps. Free Screen Recorder app helps you to record your screen. You can also use this app for making Android video tutorial.

Zoom on Android Phone

You can zoom everything on your Android phone.

Just go to Settings >> Accessibility >> Magnification gestures(on). Then choose which feature you want to zoom.

Use as a TV Remote Control

You can use your Android smartphone as a TV remote control. But all the Android phones don’t allow you to do that. Some Android phones have a feature to use it as your TV remote control.

Measure Distance, Speed, and Use as a Compass

Android smartphone can be used as a compass, you can also measure distance and speed using this mobile.

You can use Smart Distance app to measure distance, Speed Gun to measure speed and Field Compass Holo as a compass.

Scan QR and Barcodes

You can use Android mobile for your business and shopping purposes. This mobile can scan QR and Barcodes.

There are different apps available to do that.You can use Barcode Scanner app.

Encrypt your Phone

You can Encrypt your Android phone.

Just go to Settings >> Security >> choose a PIN or password >> Encrypt phone >> Encrypt SD Card.


These are some interesting things Android phone could do. I hope you have enjoyed this article. Use this tricks for the better performance of your Android mobile.

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