15 Interesting Things about Google You Don’t Know

I need not say many things about google. We everybody know the immensity of google. Google is not only a search engine but it is the combination of many things. It is a platform where we find anything we need. We can not imagine the modern civilization without google. All most all the people around the world think the internet means google. It has become the closest friend of us. It is not easy for the users to know everything about google.  There are thousands of interesting things about google we don’t know. Here I want to show you some unknown facts about google.

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Google is the most popular website on the internet. We get everything we need by google. There are another search engines but the services of google are the best and most perfect. Google is not only a search engine, it has other products such as Gmail, Google+, Youtube, blogger, Adsense, different types of tools and software programs. But here I will show you some interesting things about google search.

15 Interesting Things about Google

Pronounce Massive Number

You can not pronounce massive number but google can. Just type Number=english in the search bar. Then google will pronounce the number in Words.

Interesting Things about Google

Find and Download Excellent Fonts for Free


Google fonts are one of the interesting things about google. If you do not like your existing font then you can download another font on your computer to use in your browser.

 Interesting Things about Google


Find out any Football Fixures


Football is the most popular sport among the people. There are different football leagues. If you want to see the next matches fixture, just type the name of the league.

Interesting Things about Google


Play Atari Breakout

Just type Atari Breakout on google images and press enter. Then enjoy the excellent game.

Interesting Things about Google

Explore the Universe

You can explore the universe by using google sky that uses images from Hubble telescope and NASA.

Interesting Things about Google

Set a Timer

You can use google to set any amount of time to get a signal at the end.

Interesting Things about Google

Play Zerg Rush

Type zerg rush in the search bar then enter.

Interesting Things about Google

Play Pacman

Type google pacman in the search bar. Then play PAC-MAN Doodle.

Interesting Things about Google

Google Orbit

Type google orbit in the search bar then you will see the who page rolling with your mouse.

Interesting Things about Google

Convert Temperature

Just type celsius to  Fahrenheit then you will able to convert temperature.

 Interesting Things about Google

Show the Specific Actor/ Actress Movies

Just type Actor/Actress movies such as tom cruise movies then  you will see the of his filmography.

Interesting Things about Google

Use Google to See Weather

You can see the weather of your area in google. Just type Weather plus your city then enter.

 Interesting Things about Google

Google first Official Tweet

The first official tweet is I’m feeling lucky that was written in binary.

Interesting Things about Google

Google Calculator

Just type calculator in the search bar then enter.

Interesting Things about Google

Google Mars

Go to google mars and see the amazing map of mars.

Interesting Things about Google

All these interesting things about google are really amazing. Google always come with new features that attract us very much. Thanks google for staying with us.

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