16 Places to Share Your Blog Post Just After Publishing

You are a good writer, it will be helpful. You will get traffic to your blog. People or readers prefer the contents. They want perfect and updated information from you and your blog. But there are thousands of good writers around us. Some writers get huge traffic to their new blog post but you didn’t. What the reasons behind this. Yes, the internet is really rich, you have to face a big competition if you want to get traffic to your blog post. Many bloggers get more traffic than you because they have done better than you. They always promote new blog post. If you want to get traffic to your blog post, here are 16 places to share your blog post just after publishing.

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Only writing and publishing is not enough. You have many responsibilities. Writing quality content maintaining on page SEO is your crucial responsibility. Then you should reach your content to your visitors. It is also a big responsibility. So you should select some places to share your blog post after publishing.

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It will help you to promote your blog post. You will get enough traffic within a short period of time. It also helps you to rank better on search engines to get organic traffic. You know sharing on different places is an important ranking factor.

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In this article, I will tell you about the most important places to share your blog post just you have published. If you want to get instant traffic or visitors, you must share your post on this places. It also increases your reputation that is the must for your blogging career.

Places to Share Your Blog Post


Places to Share Your Blog Post


Facebook is one of the most important places to share blog post just after publishing. It a massive social networking site with billion of users. So you will be intelligent if you use this site properly.

You need to sign up for facebook then create your own page. Then start sharing your blog post both your profile and page. It will help you to get instant traffic.

Facebook Groups

Facebook is really a rich social networking site. It is such a site that can fulfill your all requirements. There are thousands of facebook groups. These groups can be your storehouse of free traffic. Join these groups then start sharing.

You need to join your relevant groups. Then start sharing your blog posts on these groups. Facebook groups are really useful to increase your popularity among the readers.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is another popular social network. But most of the bloggers ignore this site. LinkedIn is really a rich site because it has many groups with thousands of members.

Sign up for Linkedin and tap on Interests >> Groups.

Search for your relevant groups then join these groups, share your every post after publishing. You can share your one post in all Linkedin groups you have joined at the same time.


Twitter is one of the best social networking and micro-blogging sites. This site is really popular among the people. You can use this site to promote your online business.

Share your every blog post on twitter to get more and quick traffic. You can also tweet your post to your twitter followers.

Google Plus

You have many places to share your blog post. Google plus is really and essential place for all the bloggers. It is a google product, so you should increase your activities on google plus.

Share your new content on your google plus profile. It will increase your overall performance.

Google+ Communities

Google plus communities can be your big sources of traffic or visitors. If you want to get real traffic from social media then use google plus communities.

You can also create your own community. Join different related communities having huge members. Then share your quality content every day.

But remember you can not share your one content on different groups at the same time. It will be spamming.


Pinterest is the best and most popular image sharing site. It is one of the important places to share your blog post.

You need to use faultless and top quality images on your article. Then share these images on Pinterest.


Instagram is an excellent social networking site. It is really a secular site around the world. It mainly image sharing site. You need to share your high-quality images on this site.

You can easily increase your popularity on Instagram by sharing quality images.


Youtube is the most powerful and popular video sharing site. It is another google product. You can easily promote your blog post on this site,

I think youtube can be your key to success. Many bloggers have become successful only for Youtube. You need to create your own videos related to your content then publish on Youtube.


Reddit.com is a special social bookmarking site. It is a high authority site with millions of visitors. You should shrare your blog post on this site.

It is totally free site. This site can be a great source of readership of your blog.


StumbleUpon is a social network. It allows the users to browse random web pages by clicking the Stumble button.

Add your blog post on this site to increase your readership.


Quora is the biggest Questions and Answer site. This site is one of the most important places to share your blog post to promote your new blog post.

Every day thousands of people ask questions and look answer here.

You can reply these questions with a link back to your blog post that is relevant to your post. Try to add perfect and helpful link. Otherwise, it will be spamming.

Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo Answers is a product of technology giant Yahoo.Inc. It is also a Q&A site just like Quora.

You can also share your post link just under your reply of any relevant topic.


Inbound is a big community for the bloggers, digital marketers or SEO experts. It has a lot of members and most of them are bloggers.

So you a have a great chance to build relationships with other bloggers. You need to share your blog post on this site to display yourself.


Slideshare is really a powerful and high authority site. It is one of the best places to share your blog post as PDF format. You can also create and share your presentations, infographics on this place.

Just create a simple slideshow related to your blog post and share on Slideshare with the URL of your post.

Your Email List

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to promote your products and your blog posts. You can a get a lot of free traffic using your email list.


In this high competitive world, you need to be a perfect blogger. You have many responsibilities. Content marketing is crucial for you. After publishing your content you need to share your content on different places.

I have shared some of the best places to share your blog post. All these sites are really helpful to get huge traffic and increase your business.


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