20 Unknown Ways to Make Money from Home

It will be really interesting for you if you can earn money at home. Many people don’t like to work outside of the home. They always looking for such way that they make money from home. If you can earn from home you will get different facilities. All classes people can do it.

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This is the age of Internet. We spend a lot of time in front of our PCs browsing the Internet. But you many of us don’t know that we can earn enough using this internet.

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I think most of the people are aware of making money online. I have already shared an article about 100 sites you can earn money online.

Now I am going to share with you some interesting and strange ways that you can make money from home. You may not know about these ways. If you know I think you will be benefitted. Because you have different experiences. But you can not make money from home because of the proper guideline.

You need to know before starting. In this tutorial, You will get top 20 unknown options that offer you to do something by yourself from home.

 Make Money from Home

20 Ways to Make Money from Home

Work for Amazon

We know Amazon. You can work for it as a customer service associate. We need to answering questions of the customers.

You will get $10 per hour.

Amazon CSA

Earn to Make a Phone Call

You can earn to make a phone call, you can earn as a mystery shopper. You may need 10 minutes and then report back on an online form.

They pay $5 for each call with feedback.


Write Jokes

The Joke is really interesting. If you are funny, you can share your knowledge with others.

It is really a good job. You can earn up to $100 by writing jokes. Visit the following website.


Write a Greeting Card Poem

You can earn money from home writing greeting card poem.

Blue mountain is a greeting card company. If you have a good writing skill then they will pay $300 for worldwide rights of your poem. They will pay you $50 if they use your poem in a book.

Blue Mountain Arts

Buying Your Holiday Snapshots

You can buy your images or photos. If you have some digital snaps with good resolution, you can buy these snaps on online.

There are different online agencies that pay you every time someone buys your pictures.



Donate Old Clothes

You can earn by donating your old clothes. You have many old clothes if you donate the agency will pay you.


Sell Hair

Generally, women can do it. If you have long, silky hair you can earn from buying your hair.


Take Part in Surveys

You can earn extra $300/month by taking part in online surveys.  There are some online surveys sites that are totally free.

Surveys Junkie



Test a New App/Software

Erli Bird offers a reviews service to the developers of the product. You need to help them.

You need to use this app or software and record the screen 10 to 15 minutes and provide a commentary on how to get it?

Erli Bird

Share Your Coupons

You can get paid by sharing your coupons. Coupon chief will pay you if you tell them about those coupons you used.


Transcribing Audio

You can earn $24 per hour. But you should have good typing skill.

You will get transcription work that you will receive dollars for producing a text version.


Evaluating Search Engines

This is another excellent job to make money from home. iSoftStone pays you $13/per hour as a search engines evaluator.

You have to enter keywords and other queries on search engines and then report them how valid the results were.


Sell Your Junk Mail

You can earn from your junk mail and junk email. It is really interesting. Junk mail can be valuable to someone such as SBK center.

SBK Center

Do Research

You can make money from home by doing research.

Wonder pays you more than $2000 for your best research.


Write Slogans for Companies

You need to register with the company, You get to compete on writing for other companies.

You can win up to $999 per contest.

Slogan Singers

Work for Apple 

Apple is the technology giant. You can work for Apple from home.

You need to provide virtual supports to Apple users.

Apple Jobs

Translate Mobile App

Translate mobile app and get paid.

You need to sign up for Tethras and you will get available jobs.


Listen to Internet Radio

You can earn by listening internet radio.

RadioLoyalty is an internet radio site that provides rewards to the listeners.


Listen to Phone Call

Listen recorded phone call and answer the simple question.


Data Entry

Data entry job is really common. It is really a popular way to make money from home.

DionData Solutions


These are the best unknown ways to make money from home. If you are interested you can start from this day to make some extar money from home. Don’t waste your time.

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