6 Best WordPress Cache Plugins to Increase Site’s Speed

We know WordPress is the best blogging platform. You must be happy about your WordPress site. You also know the importance of plugins for your WordPress site. Without the plugins your WordPress site is valueless. So every WordPress user is really careful about WordPress plugins. Thousands of plugins are available for installing on your site. But it is not really possible. From huge options, you should select the perfect plugins for the best performance. Some plugins are most important that without these plugins we can not go forward. The cache plugin is one of them. You need to know about the best WordPress cache plugins.

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This is the age of technology and we want to get everything as soon as possible. Modern people do not want to waste a single moment in vain. Time is the key factor in this day. So why people wait for your site if it takes more time to load. I am talking about loading time of your site that is one of the most important issues for every site. You must make sure that your site does not take more time than other sites. It is really important for your visitors and search engines also.

A cache plugin is such a plugin that helps you to reduce your site’s loading time. It increases the speed of your sites. There are a lot of cache plugins are available but I come with only the best WordPress cache plugins. You can choose anyone you like from this list.

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

WP Super Cache

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

WP super cache is a superb and one of the best WordPress cache plugins. It is the most download cache plugin. This is really smart and active plugin that increase your site speed dramatically.

Most of the WordPress users choose this plugin because it is free and really easy to use. It has more than one million downloads. So you understand how popular this plugin is? The default settings are fairly easy to understand.

WP super cache is the most recommended WordPress caching plugin. Users like this plugin easily usable interface and it’s simplicity. This plugin generates static HTML files from your dynamic blog. It also provides gzip compression. You can also your subdomain as a  CDN in WP super cache plugin. If you are a new user it may be your best choice. The advanced settings of this plugin are great.

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W3 Total Cache

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

W3 total cache is another great plugin for WordPress users. It is really advanced and active caching plugin. It provides you a top level mechanism that boosts your site’s performance. Many popular and famous blogs such as Mashable, Smashing Magazine and more are using this one of the best WordPress cache plugins.

You can select this plugin for your site if you want to get high voltage performances. This plugin is not really easy for the newbies because it needs some technical skills. W3TC almost cutting the load time in half and reduce the total page size slightly. It works based on different cache methods such as seven different page cache methods and three different CSS minifiers.

This excellent plugin offers page cache, CDN support, database caching, minify CSS&JS, cloudflare, cache preload, serve static HTML files and more. So no more questions about to select this one of the best WordPress cache plugins.

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WP Rocket

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

If you feel bored by using the free plugin and make a decision that you want to use a premium caching plugin. Then I think WP rocket can be your first choice. This is a premium plugin with a lot of advanced settings. Thousands of WordPress users use this plugin to increase the performance of their sites.

This is a simple plugin and has no complicated settings. You can use this plugin without any hesitation. WP rocket is a feature-rich plugin that came with simple, fast and intuitive setup.

This superb plugin offers quick setup, page caching, cache preloading, browser caching, GZIP compression, lazyload, google fonts optimization, defer JS loading, CDN support, CloudFlare compatibility, DNS prefetching, mobile detection, multilingual compatibility, developer friendly, white label and more & more features. If you looking for something perfect, high-performance, simple and straightforward then WP rocket should be your first choice.

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Hyper Cache

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

Hyper cache is also a popular caching WordPress plugin. It has excellent customers reviews. Hyper cache has more than 60k downloads. It is really a simple plugin and the settings are really easy.

This plugin manages cache on the fly for non-cached pages that help to improve your overall site’s performance. It is a free and perfect plugin for your WordPress site. It offers 404 caching, redirects caching, reduces the disk usage using an auto clean system, easy to integrated with other plugins, manages plain and gzip compressed pages, HTTPs supports.

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WP Fastest Cache

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

WP fastest cache is also one of the best WordPress cache plugins. Many WordPress users use this plugin as their most favorite caching plugin. It is an easy and straightforward plugin that helps you to increase the speed of your site.

WP fastest cache creates  static HTML version of your dynamic WordPress site and serves them to the visitors when they land on your site that makes your site faster.

It offers different features such as easy setup, minify HTML& CSS, CDN integration, set expiration times for all pages, posts or certain URLs. It has a premium version with a lot of extra features.

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WP Smush.it

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

WP smush is my favorite and one of the best WordPress cache plugins. It is really an important plugin for the users because it helps you to optimize your images. The image is a big cause that’s why your site getting slow. So you must need such plugin that removes unnecessary bytes for your all images.

Since images are big in size it take longer time to load. In this case, you need to use such a plugin that takes care of your site’s images. WP smush.it is such a plugin which recovers your all problems that created by the images.

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You need not use a lot of plugins on your WordPress site. Because excessive plugins create some problems such as unnecessary plugins increase your site’s loading time. But there are must have plugins for your site. You must use some important plugins that are the part and parcel of your site. Caching plugin is one of them that related to your site’s speed. Here I have shared some of the best WordPress cache plugins. You can use anyone from this list.

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