7 Free High PR Backlinks within 15 Minutes

Backlinks are important but do you know that one backlink is more powerful than thousands of other backlinks. I know that only a single high PR backlink can do more for you than other thousands of low PR backlinks. We must build backlinks for our blog or website to rank on google and increase our domain authority. If you have an excellent site with a lot of quality contents but no backlinks, you can not do anything. You need backlinks from high PR sites. I hope you agree with me that you need quality backlinks for free. In this article, I will show you how to get free high PR Backlinks?

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We get backlinks from different sources. But all the sources are not perfect for us. Such as blog commenting is the most popular way to get backlinks. But your should remember tat all the blogs are not perfect to build backlinks. You need to build backlinks such blogs that have high Pr and high domain authority and more.

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It is not easy to get PR 7, 8 & 9 backlinks. But you should try because one backlink from page rank 7, 8 & 9 is better than thousands of low PR backlinks. So I want to help you to build free high PR backlinks.

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Here I will show you to build free high PR backlinks from 7 excellent sites. I hope these sites must help you to reach the top rank of google.

You can get these 7 free high PR backlinks just 15 minutes. You need an E-mail and some details about your site.

7 Free High PR Backlinks: Just 15 Minutes


You need to create an account on Mozilla. It is really simple.

Visit Mozilla then click on Register.

Now enter your Valid Email address, password, and your age. Then click on Create account.

Mozilla sends you an activation link on your Email. Open that mail and click on Activate now Button.

Free High PR Backlinks

Now you are in Dashboard of Mozilla. Tap on your name and select My Profile and then click on Edit Profile Button.

Here You can see the details of your profile with an option Homepage. Enter your URL and click on Update Account.

7 Free High PR Backlinks


This is also a high PR site for Indian bloggers. But You can also submit by changing your address.

Go to BlogAdda.com and click on Sign Up.

Enter the information on signing up page.

You will get an email to your inbox. Click on the activation Link.

On Dashboard You can see an option MY ACCOUNT, click on it. Then click Submit Your Blog.

 Free High PR Backlinks


Visit alltop.com then scroll down and click on Login at the bottom of the page.

Now click on create an account.

After creating an account you need to click on Submissions on the below of the page.

A new page will appear to submit your blog.

Free High PR Backlinks


Visit Copyrighted and open an account.

After creating an account click on Register copyright in Dashboard and then select Protect web page and submit your URL and click on Protect.

Free High PR Backlinks


Go to Codeacademy and signup.

Visit Dashboard and click on My account.

 Free High PR Backlinks

Now you can see Basic information page to submit your URL.


Visit Ted and click on Login. There you can see Signup option.

Signup for Ted. Then tap on your image on Dashboard and select Your profile.

Now you can see Edit option, click on it and enter your URL.

Free High PR Backlinks


Go to Eventful and click on Sign Up. Create your account.

After activation visits your Dashboard and click on Profile then Add More Info.

Now add your link. You need to use Anchor Text when you add your link.
Example: <a href =”http://mytechgoal.com”> Your Keyword</a>

That’s all. You have done.


You need free high PR backlinks from top quality sites. Here are 7 sites that provide you some of the powerful backlinks that help you to increase your page rank.

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