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Welcome to Mytechgoal, thank you very much for reading Myetchgoal about us page. Mytechgoal is a blog site. This site is about technology and blogging. You will get all the update information and tricks & tips about the modern technology and other related issues. We know that we are living in the age of modern technology.

It is really important to make us perfect so that we can survive exactly in this competitive world.
Mytechgoal helps you by providing the update and important information.This blog will be your real-life friend on the way of technology.

Mytechgoal is also a proper guideline for you if you want to start blogging on Blogspot
or WordPress. You need proper information about blogging, WordPress, SEO and social media.
You will get everything here related to blogging. This blog also promotes some top quality products such as web host, SEO tool and more. So this blog contains some affiliate links. If you buy the products using these links the author will get some commission but no extra costs of you.

About Munna Hossain


Hello, I am Munna Hossain and I am the founder and chief editor of Mytechgoal. I am a professional blogger, SEO expert and affiliate marketer.  I have been blogging for last four years and I feel blogging is incredible. I launched this blog to help the newbies and other people who are really interested in technology, WordPress, SEO, blogging, social media and more.

After finishing my M.Sc. I wanted to do something special. Then I decided to be a blogger because,  at present, blogging is the perfect and respectable profession. Blogging is a lifetime achievement for all who can do it seriously. So I have no doubt that I have chosen the exact career. I hope I will do something better in this sector. Thank you very much for staying with me.