How To Add Addons ThirstyAffiliates: Save Up To $55 ThirstyAffiliates Add-ons

ThirstyAffilites is the best plugin for the affiliate marketers or online marketers. If you are using WordPress and try to be an affiliate marketer, this plugin is crucial for you. You may not know that ThirstyAffiliates is not only a link Cloaker but it is also a storehouse of different tools for modern affiliate marketers. It has 6 different add-ons that must take your business to next level. Here is how to add addons ThirstyAffiliates.

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ThirstyAffiliates plugin is not a plugin, it has come to win the world of affiliate marketing. Who is struggling to make his/her first sale, use ThirstyAfflites add-ons?

Affiliate Marketing is not easy for the beginners. They have to suffer much at the beginning. There are a lot of critical issues are related to affiliate marketing. But if you have ThirstyAffilites you are free from all difficulties.

Using ThirstyAffiliates add-ons, you can add affiliate links to keywords, analyze the number of clicks, do Amazon affiliate properly, export and import affiliates links and more. So you need to know how to add addons ThirstyAffliates?

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How to Add Addons ThirstyAffiliates: Addons Review

ThirstyAffiliates has 6 add-ons. You can buy these add-ons separately or in a bundle.

There are 3 bundles for the affiliate marketers.

If you get a bundle, you can save up to $55.

ThirstyAffiliates Add-ons Bundles:

Blogger Pack: 2 Add-ons, Price $79, Save $19

Green Ninja Bundle: 4 Add-ons, Price $149, Save $47

“The Lot”: 6 Add-ons, Price $199, Save $55

How to Add Addons ThirstyAffiliates

You can buy a bundle or individual add-on from Here.

Then Click on Add To Cart just below your favorite bundle.

If you want to buy any specific add-on, click on any add-on from the left-side menu.

How to Add Addons ThirstyAffiliates: 6 Add-Ons Review

AutoLinker: Price $49

AutoLinker is an excellent add-on. It automatically cloaks affiliate links across your website and setup your affiliate links with a list of keywords.

You can easily add your links with your keywords and take care all these links.

You can also setup your affiliate links throughout your forum.

This add-on lets you control how many times your keywords are linked. This feature protects you from spamming.

Once you have added this add-on, you will see a new section named Autolink Keywords. You can add a new link and edit the existing one from here.

Just enter your all keywords using comma that you want to turn into affiliate links.

How to Add Addons ThirstyAffiliates


Stats: Pice $49

Stats is another excellent add-on from ThirstyAffiliates.

It helps you to increase your sales, you have enough control over your affiliate links if you have this add-on. You can easily export your affiliate link statistics data for further manipulation.

It is a click tracking and recording add-on for you affiliate links. This add-on is for the smart affiliate marketers.

How to Add Addons ThirstyAffiliates


Azon: Price $49

If you are on Amazon affiliate, this add-on is the must for you. Amazon is the biggest affiliate network. Most of the affiliate marketers try Amazon affiliate.

Since Amazon is the biggest marketplace so it is not easy to get the perfect products. This add-on helps you to search for products across the entire Amazon and import these products directly into ThirstyAffiliates.

This add-on changes your outlook to work on Amazon.

How to Add Addons ThirstyAffiliates


Geolocations: Price $49

This is one of the most important tools for the affiliate marketers. If you target any specific country to promote your affiliate products then this add-on can be your best partner.

You can easily create Geo-targeted affiliate links and manage your Geo-targeted affiliate links.

How to Add Addons ThirstyAffiliates


Google Click Tracking: Price $29

Who want to get more data this add-on automatically adds google click event tracking code automatically.

Google Click Tracking detects affiliate links throughout your website and records clicks on those links with the help of Google Analytics Event Tracking code.

How to Add Addons ThirstyAffiliates


CSV Importer: Price $29

Organize your affiliate links into an excel or CSV spreadsheet, this add-on lets you do that.

Organizing and managing affiliate links are big issues, it is also a challenge for the busy affiliate marketers. But if you have this plugin, you can easily control everything.

How to Add Addons ThirstyAffiliates

Get ThirstyAffiliates Add-Ons


Over To You

Affiliate marketing is a competitive place. So you need to perform better than others. If you have ThirstyAffiliates add-ons, you will become more powerful, clever, and efficient.

This article is about how to addons ThirstyAffiliates, just visit ThirstyAffilites Add-Ons  and get your favorite bundle or add-ons.

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