How to Add, Change & Delete Category in WordPress Site

Here I will show you how to add, change and delete category in WordPress site. WordPress is the best and most trusted content management system around the world. Most of the people want to use this platform because of it’s amazing features. You can easily do everything here. WordPress category is an excellent and worthy way to divide your all posts or articles into different sections.

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You can create different WordPress categories such as parent and child categories so that users can easily find anything on your WordPress site. It is really a user-friendly feature and visitors will get a good experience when they visit your site. You can easily add, change and delete category in WordPress site.

How to Add, Change & Delete Category in WordPress Site

In this article, I will show you step by step the process to create, change and delete different categories in WordPress.

Add Category in WordPress Site

There are two different ways to add a new category in your site.

  1. From Your Post Panel

You can add a new category from your post area. Just click on +Add New Category from the right sidebar from your post panel. Then enter the name of your new category. Finally, click on Add New Category.

Category in WordPress Site

2. Create Category from Posts Menu in Your Dashboard

You can also create a category from your Dashboard. Just place your mouse cursor on Posts menu and select Categories.

Then you will see the Categories panel. Enter the name, slug or description of your category. You can also select the parent category if you need. Here the slug is a URL-friendly name and if you write something on description box it will be SEO friendly. Finally, click on Add New Category.

Add Category in WordPress Site

Change Category

You can change WordPress category easily after publishing. Just go to post and click on Edit option of your post. Then uncheck the old category and check the new one. That’s all.

Category in WordPress Site

Delete Category in WordPress Site

If any category need not any more to you then you can delete the category. But think again and again before deleting. Just delete the unnecessary categories you will not need in future.

Go to your Dashboard and place the cursor on Posts menu then select Categories.  Now you see all the categories you have created. Just place the cursor on the category you want to delete then you will see the delete option. Then click on it. There is another option. Select the category the click on Bulk Actions >> Delete.

Category in WordPress Site


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