How To Add Coupon Code In WordPress Post & Page

Add Coupon Code In WordPressWe all love the discount so we need the coupon code so that we can get products using the discount coupon. If you are an affiliate marketer you know the importance of coupon. You can easily increase your sales offering coupon or discount. If you want to add coupon code in WordPress then this article is for you.

Sites like RetailMeNot and Groupon are so popular because they offer coupon. They are making tons of money via affiliate commissions. You can also earn more if you offer the coupon to your customers.

Most of the affiliate products offer the discount if you are promoting their products you can also offer that discount to your customers. You will get more sales and earn more.

I am promoting Namecheap web host and domain registration service. They always offer the Promo code to their customers. I also offer these promo codes to the Namecheap users and they will get Namecheap products using this discount.

Many bloggers don’t know how to add coupon code in WordPress post and page? Here I will show you how can you add this code perfectly in your post or page?

Using WordPress coupon code plugin you can add to your post. You should use this plugin because:

  • You will get more clicks on your affiliate links when you use coupon code plugin.
  • It generates more affiliate sales. So you will earn enough.
  • It increases the beauty of your posts and affiliate links. People get push to click your links.
  • Using this plugin I can add deals to my posts and pages. So I am getting more clicks on my affiliate links.

How to Add Coupon Code In WordPress Post & Page

Using WordPress plugin WP Coupons and Deals you can add the coupon code. It is really a simple plugin.

Just go to WordPress Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New.

Add Coupon Code In WordPress








Now type WP Coupon and Deals in the Search Box.

Add Coupon Code In WordPress

Then activate this plugin. Just click on Activate.

Add Coupon Code In WordPress

Now you have to add coupon in your post.

Just go WordPress Dashboard >> Coupons >> Add New Coupon.

Now Enter:

Coupon type: Deal or Coupon

Coupon Code

Your Affiliate Link

Discount Amount


Coupon or Deal Expiration date.

Add Coupon Code In WordPress

Now publish your coupon. Just click on Publish. You can also add a new coupon category.

Click Add New Coupon Category.

Add Coupon Code In WordPress


Now you need to add coupon to your post. You will get a shortcode for every coupon. Copy the code and paste in your post.

You can also add coupon from your post. After creating a coupon.  Visit WordPress Post Editor area. Click on Add Coupon.

Add Coupon Code In WordPress

You will see a popup box. Just select your coupon and click on Insert Coupon Shortcode.

Add Coupon Code In WordPress

That’s all. You have done. Now publish your post. You will see a coupon code just like below image.

Add Coupon Code In WordPress

Over To You

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Now you know how to add coupon code in WordPress post and page.

This is really an excellent plugin, you can add coupon & deal any place you like using the shortcode. If you want to generate more affiliate sales you must offer coupon code.

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