Amazon Vs Flipkart Affiliate Program Which One Is Better

Affiliate marketing has already reached the top. It is the best and most popular way to make money online. Most of the online workers such as bloggers select affiliate marketing as their primary earning source. So why not you? I hope you are also one of them. There are a lot of affiliates programs over the internet. Many people want to know which one is better for them. Different affiliate programs such as Amazon, ClickBank, Clicksure, Flipkart and more. Here I am going to say something about Amazon Vs Flipkart affiliate program.

You can select use different affiliate platforms to earn more money. But selecting perfect platform is a big challenge. I think you have no doubt that Amazon is the biggest affiliate program. But all the people are not happy with Amazon. They feel better and do better with other programs.

Most of the people want to buy stuff online. So the number of affiliate marketers and marketplaces are increasing. Just like other successful affiliate programs, Flipkart has reached the door of the marketers. They are doing well with Flipkart. Especially, the Indian bloggers, online marketers try Flipkart affiliate program at least once.

Many marketers have an intention to compare these two platforms, Amazon vs Flipkart, which one can be their better choice.

If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer and earn money online by affiliate marketing. Select any of these two because many are doing well using these two affiliate programs.

Amazon Vs Flipkart Affiliate Program

Previously, most of the bloggers mainly depended on only Google Adsense as the primary source of income. But now affiliate marketing boom so they have migrated to affiliate marketing from other sources of earnings.

You know some of the most successful affiliate marketers and how much they are earning. You can be one of them, earn thousands of dollars by Amazon or Flipkart affiliate program.

#Amazon Affiliate Program

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Amazon is the biggest and most powerful online retailer, it covers the world and its affiliate program is active in almost every country.

I think Amazon is the first choice for every Affiliate marketer. From the beginning, Amazon is ruling the online marketplace.

It has different facilities so you can select Amazon products for promoting.

You can be an Amazon affiliate by registering on Amazon. You can also build Amazon niche site. Write the review of different products on your blog.

Amazon Affiliate Pros 

  1. Amazon is the biggest affiliate program so you will enjoy your affiliate journey.
  2. It is the most trusted so it offers you the best products that exist around the world.
  3. Daily report and it stores your earnings, order reports properly.
  4. This is the most secure platform.
  5. It is really easy to use for its user-friendly dashboard.
  6. Huge collection of products so you can choose any type of product.
  7. Constantly updated marketplace.
  8. You have a good chance to get more sales because people trust Amazon products.
  9. Low minimum payout threshold.
  10. The best thing is transparency.

Amazon Affiliate Cons

  1. The Commission is low at the beginning.
  2. It has no direct approval process like Flipkart affiliate program, you have to wait after applying.
  3. You will not be able to claim money before passing 60 days after the sales take place.
  4.  Link cookie lasts for 24 hours.

#Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart is another great choice fro the bloggers especially the Indian bloggers and online marketers. It is an India based one of the leading e-commerce websites. Flipkart was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. Both are Indian.

So it has become really popular among the Indian online workers. If you want to make money online by affiliate marketing, you can select Flipkart.

Flipkart is doing well and making millions of sales per day. Many bloggers also are doing very well using Flipkart affiliate program.

But it is not very much powerful like other affiliate marketplaces such as Amazon. It has some problems. This platform needs some basic improvement. But this platform is improving day by day.

Flipkart Affiliate Program Pros

  • Flipkart is must straight forward.
  • You can directly open an account.
  • Just visit an open an account, there is no approval process, you get approval instantly.
  • The conversion rate is high.
  • You get the high commission on gadgets and books.

Flipkart Affiliate Program Cons

  • It has no proper daily tracking reports.
  • The commission rate of some products is really low.
  • The commissions might get deducted because of cancellations or back orders.
  • The tracking of affiliate program is a little weak.
  • Affiliate system is loosely coded.

Take Your Decision

I hope now you can compare which one is better, Amazon affiliate or Flipkart affiliate program. I can say from my experience, any affiliate program can be a golden chance for you if you can do it properly.

Many bloggers are doing well by Amazon affiliate and many by Flipkart affiliate. So you can try both marketplaces.

But there is a factor, if you consider everything then I must select Amazon affiliate program. It is much better than Flipkart, it is more powerful, has enough chance to do better than Flipkart. You need to know Amazon is the worldwide marketplace.

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