Android Device Unknown Tips & Tricks

Welcome to the world of Android. You know that the universe of android is really fantastic. At present, we can not think our day to day life without an android device. There are different android devices and almost all the people build a good relation with this android device. Android is a small operating system that developed by google. You know the vastness of google. All the products from google are really popular. Android is one of the most popular products from google. Google always adds new features and improves existing features of android. If you are an android user, you may not know about all the features of android devices. So I want to share an article about android device unknown tips.

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There is hundreds of android device unknown tips &  tricks you may not know. But you need to know these android device unknown tips so that you can get the best experiences from this OS. Especially, the new users have some problem that they don’t know about all the features of this OS. So they do not get the best use experiences from android device. I want to help them by providing android device unknown tips & tricks.

Android Device Unknown Tips


Disable App Notifications

Some app notifications are really annoying. You need to disable app notifications. Unwanted app notifications waste your battery life.

If you want to disable, go to any of your unwanted notification in your notification bar, long press on that notification. Then a message box will appear.

Now Tap on App Info then untick Show Notifications and then OK.

Android Device Unknown Tips

Smart Lock

Smart lock is really useful and up-to-date feature of the android device. It can use certain networks, GPS, your face and more.

Just go to Settings >>> Tap on Security then Smart Lock.

Android Device Unknown Tips

Set Data Usage Limit

This is really an important trick that you can limit your data usage. You will be alerted when you cross your set data limit.

Just go to Menu >>> Settings >>> Data Usage

Now dragging the orange line to set your data limit. You can set your data usage cycle based on when your month starts and end.

Android Device Unknown Tips

Disable Mobile Data

When you don’t want to use your data, you should disable mobile data. Because it decreases your battery. So disconnect your mobile data.

Go to Settings >>> Data Usage.

Now tap on OFF from ON.

Android Device Unknown Tips

Move Apps to SD Card

It is really a good idea to move your apps from internal storage to SD card. You need free space on your internal storage. So you should keep free your internal storage. This is really easy to move your apps to SD card.

Go to Settings menu >>> select Applications >>> Manage Applications. Then find the app you want to move from internal storage to SD card.  Now tap on it then press Move to SD card.

Android Device Unknown Tips

Priority Mode

Priority mode is really an interesting mode for android users. It puts your phone into quit mode. But this could be calls, texts, notifications of some specific apps and alarms.

Go to Settings >>> Sound&Notification >>> Do not Disturb.

Android Device Unknown Tips

Add Multiple Google Accounts

Google account is the must for any android device user. You can use multiple google accounts on your android device.

Just go to Settings >>> Add an account.

Now select Google then setup your new or existing google account. Now choose what you want to sync with the account.

If you want to add more than one account repeat all the above process.

Android Device Unknown Tips


Check Android Updates

You need to check your android updates.

Go to Settings >>> About Phone then tap on System updates.

Now press on Check now to see updates.

Android Device Unknown Tips

Change Default Apps

If you have already set some default apps. But now you need to change this.

Go to Settings >>>Apps.

Find All tab then select the app you want to remove from default. Then tap on Clear defaults.

Android Device Unknown Tips

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