Superstar Blogger: Become a Successful blogger in 2017

Welcome to 2017. We are in 2017, the new year. We have already passed 2016. In 2016 I had a lot of expectations, I had some success and some failure. You also had a lot of expectations on 2016. Some people are really happy and some are not happy for 2016. But now we are in a new year. We should remember 2016 but we have to do better in 2017 than 2016. This article is for the bloggers. Both advanced and newbie bloggers are thinking about 2017. How they can become a successful blogger in 2017. They are also thinking about how to promote their blogs in this new year?

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I am blogging for many years. Every year is a challenge for me. I want to do better present year than the previous. In 2017, I have a lot of expectations, I want to be a superstar blogger in this year. Blogging is such a great way that can make you a real hero. You can be a popular person among the people.

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In this year many bloggers start blogging to become a successful blogger. They want to get stable success in 2017.

If you want to promote your blog successfully. You need to start working from the beginning. You need to do better than others.

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In this article, I am going to tell you something interesting to become a successful blogger. I hope you have a strong mind so that you can reach your goal in 2017.

Become a Successful Blogger

Become a Successful Blogger in 2017

If you want to promote your blog in 2017, you need to pay more attention to your strategies. You need to do something special, work hard, do whatever you know. Take this year as your best year that inspires you to become a successful blogger.

Think about Your Niche

Most of the newbies have a problem that they can not select the perfect niche. Which niche is perfect for them, which is more profitable niche and more. If you are a newbie blogger, you have many options that you can select. You can select blogging, technology, health, travel, and more as your niche. I prefer technology and blogging niche.

But before selecting, you need to think about yourself. You should discover yourself, which niche is perfect for you. You can make your own decision. I can say many things but you are the best judge.

There is an important issue that you should work with a single niche. You should not select multiple niches. It will create some problems.

Write Great Contents to Impress the Audience

You can attract the audience in this year by your awesome contents. Your readers will love you, but why? Produce great contents that can win the heart of your audience.

It is not easy to convince people in this competitive world. With the help of low-quality contents, you can not reach the door of the heart of your readers.

You may read a lot of articles about the importance of content. Webmasters, SEO experts, and successful bloggers always emphasize on content. They advise us to write quality contents. You have to listen themselves because they know how to become a successful blogger?

Take Keywords Research Seriously

Great content mostly depends on perfect keywords. You need to use perfect keywords on your content so that you can easily rank your posts. Keywords are google ranking factor. You can rank your article on google without any backlinks if you can select perfect keywords.

Many bloggers ignore keywords so they can not do well. There are a lot of keywords research tools. I personally use google Adwords one of the best and free keywords tools.

Try to use long tail keywords to rank better. Use LSI keywords beside focus keywords. You can use LSI Graph, Keyword ShitterSoolve, and more to find perfect LSI keywords.

Social Media Can Be Your Key Instrument

Every people are addicted to social networking sites such as facebook, Twitter, google plus, Linkedin and more. As a blogger, you should have a better space on social networking sites. There billions of users so you have a good chance to promote your blog and branding yourself.

Create accounts on these sites and share your contents and other valuable information on your profiles and pages. Try to build a relation with others using social networking sites.

Facebook offers you, different relevant groups, join these groups that help you to make a good relation with like minded people. Don’t forget Google plus because it is really important because google plus is a google product. Join google plus communities to become a successful blogger. You can also create your own group.

Comment on Other Blogs Carefully

Blog commenting is the best way to get quality backlinks. There are thousands of relevant blogs, visit these blogs, read articles and comments on these blogs. It will help you to get more quality backlinks, you can learn more.

Blog commenting is also an excellent way to make a relation with others bloggers. There are different factors of SEO. I think blog commenting is the most popular way to get traffic and increase your backlinks.

If you want to be a successful blogger, you need to be an active worker. You need to visit other blogs. Becuase you can not do anything without the help of other bloggers. You need to comment on high PR sites.

Promote Your Contents Using Youtube

Youtube is the best video sharing site. Every day billions of people visit youtube for showing and uploading videos. You can use this awesome site to promote your blog. You can get enough visitors from this site.

Content marketing is a big issue to become a successful blogger. You need such a platform that you can brand your products properly. Youtube is such a platform where you promote your contents.

You know many things about blogging, technology or your niche related issues. Make some videos related your contents and upload these videos ob youtube with a link to your site. It will help you to boost your blog.


I am really happy in this new year. I have a lof of expectations from 2017. We hope you will join with us in this blogging journey. Select your goal and work sincerely, I hope you will become a successful blogger. If you have any plan in 2017, you can share with us.

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