Best Android Browser 2016: Used by Smart Users

The web browser is one of the most important software on the desktop but not any devices. If you have an android phone and you are an android user then you need Best Android Browser for internet browsing on your smartphone. Having the right features and contribution while browsing the web can straight change your entire experience. Finding the good one can be difficult because there are so many apps on play store which changes their feature each day.

best android browser

Actually, I can’t think without being connected to the internet. I think the same rule applies to you. If you wish to access the web, you need to make use of a better web browser for internet browsing. Although it depends on the platform if you were accessing the web with a smartphone. Then first you have a better browsers list. Let’s see some best android browser 2016, to empower your browsing.

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Best Android Browser For Smart Users

Google Chrome

Obviously, google chrome is the best browser on android. Also, it is a free and faster from others for browsing the internet on the smart phone. Google chrome is the awesome browser on the desktop and android version phone 2  in one. But the software is the different desktop version called google chrome software and the android version called app. But both are cool and speedful for its users. It has latest Material Design, unlimited browsing tabs, deeper integration with Android.

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Firefox is another awesome android browser apps which included the best android browser. This browser has come a long way since it was first introduced browser on mobile. It has an impressive set of features. it’s completely free to use and It’s a powerful Android web browser for browsing the internet. Some of the features include desktop syncing (bookmarks, history/archive, etc), privacy features, easy-to-use bookmarks, quick sharing, and you’ll have access to some add-ons to improve the browsing experience. The add-ons are included incredible options for the browsing net.

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Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser including theming, flash support, ad-block, incognito mode, and some tertiary features like others best android browser. It is also add-on supportable if you fell need you can do this. It’s so easy for using and browsing the internet on the smartphone. Lots of people use it for it simpleness and faster web browsing history. Fon an android version it is one of the celebrated apps for a user. I over sure about that if you use it on your phone must like it from others.

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Gostery Browser

Gostery Browser is another best android free browser for android users. It has nice features extensions as like google chrome and firefox browser. It’s a great browser option for those who care about their privacy on the internet. You can also allow blocking website trackers bu using this. It has at least the basic stuff like Bookmarks, Privacy, History, and others.

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Mercury Browser

Mercury browser if also free and striking browser for android. It is a popular Browser on IOS before coming to android. This browser is famous for its privacy system. It focuses a little more on privacy and security. Even, includes a passcode lock as well as the private mode for private browsing. This browser also has flash support, gesture controls, theming-block support. Here you can choose which search engine you want to use. Almost it is an excellent browser for a tech lover which like android for browsing the internet.

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Opera Browser 

Opera was a famous 3rd browser in the world also I like it so much for my PC and android phone. It another app which I included on this post list is the best android browser. I wanna to tell you any doubt it is a cool and faster browser for you. I also use it for my android phone. It has a nice customizing system and more tab option. Its extension is really awesome and downloading speed is better than others that are am sure.

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These are the Best Android Browser for your android phone. Fell free to use any one from this list and don’t forget to comment on your opinion to share with us.

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