Top 6 Best Author Box Plugins for WordPress

If you have a WordPress blog, you need to use different plugins. It is one of the best facilities of WordPress that we can do anything easily by using the plugin. We use different plugins for different purposes. We always try to use the best plugin so that we will get more benefits. I have already told about some important plugin in my previous articles. Today I want to tell you about the best author box plugins for WordPress.

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Author box plugin is really an important plugin for the bloggers. If you want to show yourself, your qualifications, your goal and more you have to add this plugin on your blog. People want to show the writer when they read an article. They want to remember the author rather than his/her blog. If you want to introduce yourself and increase your reputation, you must use author box plugin on your blog. There are a lot of author box plugins for WordPress users. Here I tell you about top 6 best author box plugins for WordPress. You have different options, you can choose any of the plugins from these best author box plugins for WordPress. A good author bio should have a short description about the author, author’s image, social media links, and some of your posts links.

Best Author Box Plugins for WordPress

Fancier Author Box

Best Author Box Plugins for WordPressFancier is one of the best author box plugins for WordPress. There are a lot of users who has been using this excellent plugin for  a long time. It has good customer reviews. It looks really nice and readers must enjoy the beauty of this plugin.

You can use this plugin for the single and multi-authors blog. It is different user-friendly features which attract the author as well as the readers.  You can link to author posts and latest post and you can hide or show latest posts easily. You can link with your  almost all the social networking sites by this plugin. It has paid and free version. You can use paid version to get advanced facilities.

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Better Author Bi0Best Author Box Plugins for WordPressBetter author bio is an excellent author box. It is really simple and clean. You can easily use this plugin without any coding knowledge. Its simple design and professional looks attract the users. It has all the important features that a perfect author box should have.

This plugin is really easy to use. It has some excellent features such as author blog link, view all posts by author option, shows the number of posts written by the author, all the popular social profile links and more.

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Starbox- the Author Box for HumansBest Author Box Plugins for WordPressStarbox is also one of the best author box plugins for WordPress. It is really a popular plugin. It is an elegant and gorgeous plugin for the author. You can choose any of professional theme which is perfect for you.

It is a professional plugin that readers become more interested in you. There are different themes are available in Starbox. It is really easy to install, has drag and drop option, can set a job title for each author, easy customization option and more.

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Best Author Box Plugins for WordPress


Social Author BioBest Author Box Plugins for WordPressSocial author bio is a popular plugin for WordPress. This plugin automatically adds an author bio box along with Gravatar. It has professional looks and user-friendly interface so everybody like this plugin.

It has a lot of features such as you can edit basic HTML structure with CSS, supports more 15 social media, Changes its background color, adds custom links with image and more. So I can tell you that is is one of the best author box plugins for WordPress.

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WP About Author about author is also a popular author box plugin of the users. This plugin is really easy to use and easily customizable. You can use this plugin in your WordPress site to show your best introduction.

It has different features such as show social media icons, you can change the background color, Display archives, search results, feeds, pages, and posts.

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Author Box After PostsBest Author Box Plugins for WordPressAuthor box after posts is one of my favorite WordPress plugins. I think it is one of the best author box plugins for WordPress. I select this plugin because it has a lot of user-friendly features. It looks really nice so everybody likes this plugin.

This plugin contains author’s avatar, facebook, twitter. google plus, name, posts count, description, email and more. You can easily customize this plugin, so you may select this plugin as you author box.

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You need to use author box plugin in your blog. If you want to show yourself t0 the readers you must add this plugin. I have shared 6 best author box plugins for WordPress, you can use any of these plugins.

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