70 Best Blogging Communities to Drive Massive Traffic

This article is about the best blogging communities. These blogging communities can be your real friend in the journey of blogging. If you are a blogger you may know about blogging communities. Now I want to share you a list of the best blogging communities so that you can easily get a big collection of these communities.

I know that starting a blog is not very hard. But getting enough traffic is not easy for the bloggers especially the newbies. We write contents on our blog so that we get traffic. But when you see that you will not get expected traffic on your blog, you may dishearten. Because traffic is one of the important issues for your blog.

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Newbie bloggers have to suffer much. Because they do not know how to do SEO perfectly and SEO  doesn’t work properly at the beginning. Newbies need time to learn about overall SEO. So they suffer for want of traffic. But if they join in these best blogging communities, they will get enough benefits.

Blogging communities are helpful not only for traffic but also these communities help you to increase your knowledge. It is an excellent platform to make relation with like-minded bloggers. You need not be worry because you have a lot of options to do better. When you will become an active member of these best blogging communities, you can share your blog, blog posts to get massive traffic. You can share your idea and ask questions if you feel any problems. After all, you get proper guideline from these blogging communities.

best blogging communities

What is Blogging Communities

Blogging community is a place or platform for the bloggers where they can join, share their ideas with other like-minded bloggers. It is like a social network for the bloggers. By sharing their blogs in these communities, they can get a lot of referral traffic.

 Benefits of Blogging Communities

Blogging community is just like a blessing for the bloggers. It helps bloggers in many ways. Such as:

  • Drive massive traffic to your blog.
  • Get quality backlinks.
  • Improve your Alexa rank.
  • Help to get higher ranking in search engines.
  • Build a relationship with other bloggers.
  • Increase your knowledge.
  • Share you views with others.

70 Best Blogging Communities

  1. www.blogengage.com
  2. dosplash.com
  3. www.blokube.com
  4. inbound.org
  5. kingged.com
  6. www.bizsugar.com
  7. www.klinkk.com
  8. www.indiblogger.in
  9. www.getblogtraffic.net
  10. triberr.com
  11. managewp.org
  12. www.blogcatalog.com
  13. www.blogher.com
  14. www.socialbuzzclub.com
  15. fuelmyblog.com
  16. www.blogster.com
  17. www.thewriterssocial.com
  18. www.blogadda.com
  19. medium.com
  20. list.ly
  21. stackstreet.com
  22. www.aha-now.com
  23. alltop.com
  24. www.wikia.com/fandom
  25. myspace.com
  26. blogs.botw.org
  27. www.bloggeries.com
  28. www.scoop.it
  29. www.blogarama.com
  30. www.bloghub.com
  31. regator.com
  32. www.icerocket.com
  33. www.bloglovin.com
  34. www.ontoplist.com
  35. news.ycombinator.com
  36. portal.eatonweb.com
  37. www.blogtagstic.com
  38. www.blogsearchengine.com
  39. www.bloggernity.com
  40. www.bloggapedia.com
  41. www.bloggingfusion.com
  42. www.spillbean.com
  43. www.bloglisting.net
  44. www.spreadmyblog.com
  45. www.getblogs.com
  46. www.millionbloglist.com
  47. www.blogsrater.com
  48. www.wilsdomain.com
  49. www.buzzerhut.com
  50. www.aveblogs.com
  51. www.blogsbycountry.com
  52. totalblogdirectory.com
  53. www.blogadr.net
  54. www.a1webdirectory.org
  55. blogdire.com
  56. jenett.org/ageless
  57. www.blogratedirectory.com
  58. www.blogrankers.com
  59. www.blogit.com/blogs
  60. www.blogs-collection.com
  61. www.bloggernow.com
  62. www.web-dir.com
  63. usloadedweb.com
  64. blogvile.us
  65. www.blogdirs.com
  66. www.blog-directory.org
  67. www.blogsrating.com
  68. www.bloggersdirectory.com
  69. blogring.net
  70. 9rules.com

Here I have shared the best blogging communities. I hope you enjoy these list and it will be helpful for you. If you have any question about these best blogging communities. Please comment me below.

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