Top 10 Best Blogging Platforms for Starting Your Blogging Career

There are many people who do not have any idea of which is Better Blogging Platforms to create a blog. For these reasons, today in this post I have given the best free blogging platforms list to start a new blog. I am damn sure that it is so more important for a newbie blogger. This post idea helps to bring these people so more. Not only wander seeking solutions, more effective and able to provide a definitive solution to their blogging business or career.

Maintaining and protecting a blog is not so easy task. Everything depends on efforts, have successes. But you know the platform is also necessary with awesome and good features tools. Like as WordPress, Example is SEO plugins, Social Plugin, Post writing and other plugins.

As a blogger, you have to know that, Blogs need to a presence on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and others. Without a good social network, it is impossible to interact with people.  It is essential in the world for SEO and Marketing of your blog’s.

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How Can I Create A Free Blog?

Can I create a free website or blog? Sure you will create a free website or blog online very easily. Online has more than billions of website which is not the constable. They also read from passive income, banned ads, affiliation, etc. But if you are serious about your blogging business then you should go forward with a top level domain and host for blogging.

There are many free platforms on the web is one of them. It is fully free and powerful blogging platform by Google. More that 90% blogger has created their first blog in it. Also, I am included those present.

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8 Medium Visit Now
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Top 10 Best Blogging Platforms for Free

WordPress is one of the most popular and best blogging platforms all over the internet world. Maximum blogger creates a blog on WordPress for their blogging career and online business. It’s very secure and services are more maliceful. This is the number one platform in online for blogging for it’s nice and effective plugins. It has SEO, Social Media, Content writing, and an essential plugin. The plugins are free also has some premium for the next level.

2. Blogger

Blogger is google’s free hosting site. This platform is really popular for blogging. It is an awesome platform but has restricted. You will publish your first post with login by only your Gmail account. Blogspot has nice layout features and it is easy to use. It was founded by Evan Williams of Pyra Labs. It is may merge with Google. Publish anywhere, huge community, images, video, edit HTML/CSS, template designer, track traffic stats on this site, overall it is an awesome platform for blogging. I have also some blogs on this platform.


Weebly is another easiest and obe of the Best Blogging Platforms. It’s a free blog host platforms to create a  blog, Which SEO and Design templates. It has the responsive design, Template HTML5, SEO Optimization, Resources are not limited. It if free but the premium plan start from 5$.

4. Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging site where you can create a short post or message for others. It was founded February 2007 by David Carp. Total user 152 million. It is free but you can get the own domain name by paying them. Tumblr recently bought by Yahoo. It’s good for sharing small text messages, pictures or videos. It is also best blogging platforms.

5. LiveJournal

This is a platform to create a blog like a newspaper. It has to retouch social networking sites like as Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter which will allow greater visibility. It helps to migrate your business to the next level. I will prefer this platform those people who are finding to advertising in the online newspaper.

Free Best Blogging Platforms


By listening to the name you may be understood about this site. Yes, it is a website builder site, which provides you all the facility for making a good blogs or website for your own. It allows us to create a website with a simple appearance. One of the main and good attraction in this platform is, It has the large collection of templates wich are user allowed. Included with nice features, Layout, comment box, drag, and drop. If you Know about HTML and CSS you can design your own template in this platform.


This is another free website making and Blogging PlatformsIt offers one of the largest and most complete market free packages. Even user can be able to make 3 free websites with the same account.

8. Medium

Medium is one of the largest blogging platforms in the online world. It’s innovation of twitter’s founders. It is another microblogging site as like as Twitter. But is it broader from Twitter and user-friendly? From here you can get strong backlink also from your other blogs.


Posrach is the easiest way to make a blog within a short time. You are able to share content by using dropbox here. It’s also a

10. Ghost

Ghost is just a blogging platform for blogger or newbie marketer. You can make money online from building a blog on this platform like others. It is open source and you may get live your preview when submitting a post in this area.

These are to Top 10 Best Blogging Platforms for starting blogging business at online. Make money online is fully depends on those platforms which you know. If you have a new idea please inform me via comment. It will my pleasure.

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