Top 6 Best Comment Plugin For WordPress Blog

Comments are an undivided part of your WordPress blog. Most of the bloggers allow comment on their blogs. Because commenting is an effective way to build a good community with your readers and other bloggers. I also suggest you allow comment on your blog. We use different plugins for WordPress to improve the performance of our sites. WordPress comments plugin is also really important. You need the best comment plugin for WordPress.

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The default commenting system of WordPress is Ok. But it is plain and initial. If you want to extend the commenting system then you can use WordPress comments plugin on your blog.

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I hope if you use the best comment plugin for WordPress, your readers will connect with you perfectly.

WordPress is such a platform that provides everything you need. The default settings are really good and if you are not satisfied with the default settings then you can enhance the performance using different plugins. Since commenting is a big issue so you must use WordPress comments plugin.

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Top 6 Best Comment Plugin for WordPress

Jetpack By WordPress

Best Comment Plugin for WordPress

Jetpack is such a plugin that can do many things for you. I think it is one of the most powerful plugins for WordPress. This plugin helps you to improve your commenting performance. It has many features that enhance your site’s performance.

This plugin is considered as a default commenting system to this day. This plugin allows the readers to connect with your site and comments in different ways. It has a powerful spam elimination option and allows social commenting by logging into WordPress, facebook, Google plus, Twitter and more.

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Facebook Comments WordPress

Best Comment Plugin for WordPress

Facebook is the most powerful social networking site. You have a big chance to get huge visitors from facebook. Because it has more than 1 billion users.

If you want to increase your activities on facebook and get more facebook users then facebook comments can be your best comment plugin for WordPress. It helps to easily increase your connections with this plugin.

You can easily add that person on you facebook group or page who comment using this plugin. You can also remove the unwanted comments from any post or page.

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Disqus Comment System

Best Comment Plugin for WordPress

Disqus is another powerful commenting system. You can add this type of comment on your WordPress site. Disqus is a third-party comment system, you need to create an account on Disqus after installing this plugin.

Disqus is really a useful commenting system both for publishers and users. Many popular blogs use this commenting system. Users can comment using their facebook, twitter, google account, they can also use their emails for signing up. Disqus has a great spam elimination system.

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Commentluv for WordPress

Best Comment Plugin for WordPress

Commentluv is one of my favorite WordPress commenting systems. Many bloggers use this plugin on their WordPress site. This is the best commenting system who are looking for some quality backlinks.

This commenting system allows the users to show their latest post. So using this plugin you can easily build a good community with your readers.

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Best Comment Plugin for WordPress

You can integrate this plugin with Buddypress, ultimate member, Akismet, WordPress Zero spam and more. This plugin has increased the dimension of WordPress commenting system.

It is free but has different paid add-ons that increase its performance. This plugin is just like Disqus plugin but it has more features.

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WP Advanced Comment

 Best Comment Plugin for WordPress

This is highly recommended comment plugin for WordPress. It is really powerful, easy to use, and AJAX based commenting system. Your users can comment on your every page, post or product.

It has a lot of unique features such as create forms with drag and drop options, enable or disable guest comments, advanced search comments, unlimited comments forms & custom fields, email notifications, approve comment without moderation and more.

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You should have a commenting option on your WordPress blog if you want to justify your blog or articles. Readers can communicate with you using their comments and you know the demand of your readers. Here I have shared some of the best WordPress comments plugin. All these are really excellent. Not select the best comment plugin for WordPress from this list.

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