Best Competitors Analysis Tools:Analyze Your Competitors

Competitors analysis is really an important issue. If you want to run your business perfectly, you must have a good idea about your competitors. But most of the people especially the bloggers are not careful about competitors analysis. You need to know how to analyze your competitors? We use different competitors analysis tools to track our competitors.

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You have to know who are your competitors, how powerful they are and what are their strong points. Otherwise, you can not compete with them. You will lose in the race. So you should take extra care on competitors analysis. You are not alone, there are a lot of competitors analysis tools are available so that you can monitor the activities of your opponents.

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It is really an important technique on spy your competitor traffic and social love. Sometimes you see that your competitor get more traffic and ranks well than you. You have to find the reasons. There are different reasons that why your opponents get more than you. They have done something better than you so they rank higher.

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In this article, I am going to show you which competitors analysis tools help you to do better just like your strong opponents.

Competitors Analysis Tools

You need to analyze different issues if you want to know details about your competitors. There are a large number of tools. Some are paid some are free. Most of the paid tools have a trial version. Then you need to upgrade.

Analyze The Performance on Search Engines

Search engines are the best sources of traffic. We always try to give our best so that we can make our site search engines friendly. Google is the best search engine and the performance of the site mainly depends on google.

Google is the best source of organic traffic. Quality content and backlinks are crucial issues for google rankings. You need to know how your competitors perform well on search engines such as google. Using competitors analysis tools you can find out the details information.

You can use the following tools to see the search engines performance of your competitors.


SEMrush is a really a powerful tool. You will get everything using this fantastic tools. Most of the professional use this one of the most popular competitors analysis tools. You can see the paid search, organic search, number of competitors, keywords performances and more.

Competitors Analysis Tools


Ahrefs is another highly recommended tools. It is a professional tool. It has free and paid version. The free version has some limitation and you can not use more than one 14 days. Ahrefs offers the best facilities to know more about the opponents.

Searchmetrics Essentials

Searchmetrics is really a rich tool to see the search engines performances of your competitors.

Analyze Backlinks 

The backlink is crucial for any blog or website. Most of the time backlink helps to rank well in search engines. The backlink is like a vote, if you get more votes than other, you will win that means you will appear on the first page of search results.

Many competitors analysis tools are ready for you so that you can check the link popularity of your opponents.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is really a smart and updated tool for the bloggers or webmasters. This tool is from MOZ and you can check different issues using this tool.

You can check the backlinks, root domains, backlinks for any page or post, spam score, DA, Pa and more.

Competitors Analysis Tools

Majestic SEO

Majestic is my favorite SEO tools. It is one of the richest competitors analysis tools. You get every information of your competitors related to backlink.

Competitors Analysis Tools

Traffic Analysis Tools

Traffic or visitors really crucial for any business. Especially the bloggers always try to get enough traffic to their blogs. After publishing a quality content you want enough traffic. But when you do not get traffic, it will be painful. You need to know why your competitors get sufficient traffic but you don’t.

Using the below tools you can spy traffic or visitors activities of others blogs or websites. These competitors analysis tools are highly recommended.


I am a big fan of this tool. This really a fantastic tool to see the everything connected to traffic or visitors of any blog or website. You will get a complete idea about your competitor site’s traffic.

You can see global & country traffic rank, direct traffic, search traffic, referrals, social traffic and more.

Competitors Analysis Tools

You must know about Alexa. It is also really a good and most important traffic analysis tool. You need to connect your site with Alexa. You can also discover the activities of the visitors of your competitor’s sites.

Competitors Analysis Tools

These are the best competitors analysis tools. There are some others tools are available but the above tools are really common and most of the bloggers, SEO experts or webmasters use these competitors analysis tools.


After analyzing everything, you can decide what should you do? I hope you realize the importance of competitor analysis. If you want to continue your journey successfully, you need to know how to compete with others and how to win the game.

As a blogger, I know have a lot of competitors and I have to compete with them to reach the doors of the visitors. Some tools help me to reach the top of search engines.


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