Top 10 Best CPU Temperature Monitor Software For PC

Monitoring your PC’s activities is one of the most important responsibilities of the computer users. If you want to get a good PC, monitor your PC all the time. There are many reasons that why your PC damage. Overheating is one of the most common reasons that can damage your valuable PC. So you must use the best CPU temperature monitoring software. This software shows the temperature of you PC. If the temperature of your PC crosses the limit this software informs you as soon as possible. Here I am going to share you a list of the best CPU temperature monitor software.

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All these software are free, you can use without any cost. You must monitor CPU temperature in order to maintain a healthy PC. This software has different features such as it shows the temperature of a CPU in Celsius or Fahrenheit, displays the temperature of each core of CPU separately, shows the temperature of your Hard Disk, suggest you how to take action to protect your PC from overheating.

So this tool is really helpful. But you need the best CPU temperature monitor so that you will get the best help.

I have selected some of the best free CPU temperature monitors and going to share with you.

Top 10 Best CPU Temperature Monitor Software


best cpu temperature monitor

Speccy is really popular and effective software. It allows you measure the current temperature and other important issues. This is really a helpful software, you can use this excellent free software for the betterment of your PC.

Speccy supports both 32 bit and 64 bit. It has both free and paid version. If you want to get the advanced features then try the paid one. But if you are looking for the best CPU temperature monitoring software then the free one is enough.

This software automatically detects the problem from your motherboard, supports all the sensor integrated on your PC, you can also take a screenshot.

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best cpu temperature monitor

HWMonitor is one of the leading CPU temperature monitoring software programs. It is free and easy to use hardware monitoring software.

Using this software you can check the real temperature, hard disk temperature, fan speed, voltage and other vital information. It is free but has come with a lot of advanced features. HWMonitor is really small in size so very fast.

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Core Temp

Core Temp is another simple, easy to use and really impressive CPU monitoring software especially the heat. You can use this software without any difficulty and the downloading process is also simple.

This software prevents your PC from overheating. You can set up the notification so that PC will shut down or go to the sleeping mode when the heat limits your cross.

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Real Temp

best cpu temperature monitor

Real Temp is a specialized free software for measuring the temperature of the Intel Processor.If you PC is made by Intel processor then Real Temp can be your best choice.

This software is compatible with the single core, dual core, quad core, i5 and i7 Intel processors. It shows the real-time temperature of the CPU, you can also see the maximum and minimum temperature. You can set up an alarm for the high temperature that protects your PC from overheating.

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Open Hardware Monitor

best cpu temperature monitor

Open Hardware Monitor is another simple but effective hardware monitoring software. It has a lot of options that allow you protect your CPU from any unhealthy activities. It provides you the best results.

This open source software lets you monitor CPU fan speed, voltage, temperature, clock speed, CPU load, memory load and more.

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best cpu temperature monitor

SpeedFan is one of my favorite CPU temperature monitors. I like this software because of its excellent and unique features. This is really a beginner friendly CPU monitoring software.

`You can clearly monitor the accurate temperature of your CPU & hard disk, it also provides you some vital information about your PC.

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CPU Thermometer

best cpu temperature monitor

CPU Thermometer is really simple, small, and has the basic user interface. It is not very rich like other software. But really professional for those who like simple but effective software.

This free software shows you the current temperature of a CPU of each core, current CPU load in percentage. If you need not advanced features just basic features are enough, use this software.

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SIW Portable

best cpu temperature monitor

SIW Portable is one of the best CPU temperature monitor software. This software gives your details information about your PC.

It allows your to know the current temperature of you CPU, it also provides you complete details about hardware and software you have installed.

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best cpu temperature monitor

HWiNFO is available in portable and standalone versions. It is really easy to use software, anyone can get the benefits of this free software.

It has some basic features that are enough for monitoring your CPU. You can run this software by using Sensors Only mode, this is a unique feature of this software. You can easily customize the settings, this tool is really handy.

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Moo0 System Monitor

best cpu temperature monitor

If you want to monitor CPU temperature then use Moo) System Temperature. Really helpful and easy to use tool.

Simple user interface and you can easily customize the settings as you need. This software displays the real time CPU temperature, it also shows memory information, network information, and other important information.

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Final Words

These are the best CPU temperature monitors tools. If you want to maintain a good CPU you must monitor your system all the time. Overheating can damages your systems, so be careful about this issue.

You can use these free CPU temperature monitors so that nothing bad can happen.

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