The 10 Best Firefox Extensions & Addons 2016

The Mozilla Firefox is the ultimate browser for PC. In this significant tutorial, we are going to discuss top 10 Best Firefox Extensions. This browser includes a lot of Addons for its users and here we collected top 10 best extensions. Mozilla Firefox always comes with unparalleled things. In this time Mozilla is the best and unique browser for the computer. It is also the faster browser that’s why 80 out of 100 people loves to use it. If you are Mozilla Firefox user you should not be missing something important and awesome as like Addon or extension. Firefox company offer many interesting features for their user. If you are a professional web browse user you can use it without any doubt cause of its awesome features. As a blogger or real user, I prefer you to it and it’s most wonderful features.  Actually, it is have been my real lovely browser for its awesome things like (tab, browsing system, add-ons, features, extensions). So, let’s go now I gonna showing you top 10 best Mozilla Addons for you.

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Best Firefox Extensions

Top 10 Best Firefox Extensions


Greasemonkey is one of the most popular and best useable firefox addons in 1016. Using this plugin you can easily customize the web pages and do change the attitude of web pages only just using JavaScript. Its provides you some unique features which using you can do many internets hacks. So, If it will be needed you can use it easily.

2.Adblock Plus

Sometimes we are irritated for inter net ad as like social media ad, blog’s ad, website’s add. Adblock plus is the best firefox addon which removes the ads from all websites even Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion. If you dislike pop-ups and virus containing ad. Adblock is the perfect tool for you. It makes your browsing experience better.

3.Web Developer

This is the add-ons which provide you a greater experience about web developing. If you are a web developer you must forward with this tools for better work experience. I truly enjoy it for various CSS and image option  which gives you quick access. The web Developer work both option (The regular one and the developer edition).


If you want to make your Firefox, even more, faster from other browsers then it is for you. I know you want and for it simply download this addons name Fasterfox for making your firefox browser faster. This addon  uses some best network to make your browser faster.


The best another addon is DownThemAll which make the download speed super fast from before. It makes your firefox four time faster than normal. It is the best downloader for Firefox ever also it is the first built accelerator. So, for making your firefox downloading super fast you can use it freely.

10 Best Firefox Extensions


Probably Firebug is one of the best browser add-ons for Firefox. It is a wide development tool for a programmer or web developer I am grunted. Using firebug add-ons you can edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript and debug on any web page. Actually, it is the similar tool like the firefox another add-ons  Web Developer. But it is more user-friendly from it and included extra features for working and learning.

7.Tile Tabs

when you opening many tabs for different working or need then you must always face problem for finding the specifical tab from many opened tabs. Using this add-on you can switch between opened tabs by arranging in a grid which you can maintain as your wish.

8.Hola Unblocker

Hola is an unlimited and ad-free VPN Proxy service that provides a faster and more open internet. Access websites blocked in your country, company or school with the free Hola VPN proxy service. You can easily use youtube, facebook or others which are blocked by your school or government by using the hola proxy and most of the reason is it is totally free service.

9.Click and Clean

Most of the time user has no clean or clear cookies and other browsing data by going setting > history> clear option. It is most important for safe our data and keeps clean our browser all the time we must know that. Do you want to clean all your browsing history data, cookies, and others just by one click? Then you can forward with the click and clean add-ons.


This is one of the best apps to save your password in the browser. After on this process, you can auto login in your sites which you access before with id and pass. Also, it is so safe add-ons for us. We can avoid remembering more id and pass at a time.

How to Add or Use Any Best Firefox Extensions

First, you have to go to Mozilla firefox official home page.

  • Click On Add-Ons.
  • Go to extensions and select which you want to install.
  • Click to install or ad to Firefox.
  • Wait a moment and it will be done with taking sometimes. That’s it.
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