Best LSI Keyword Finder Tools for Free

LSI keyword is a big matter of search engines ranking. Like focus keyword, LSI keyword is an important SEO factor. It is really beneficial for you to rank higher in search engines like google. Using a free keyword research tool you can get the perfect one. There are different LSI keyword finder tools for free.

Importance of LSI Keywords for Ranking Better

In this article, I am going to tell you some of the best LSI keyword finder tools that are totally free.

LSI keyword is for Latent Semantic Indexing keyword. Most of the bloggers or content writers ignore the importance of LSI keywords. Although is really a big issue of SEO. Using LSI keywords on your content is an On page SEO technique and it will increase your SEO score. So you can rank higher than others who do not use LSI keywords on their contents.

Why Use Long Tail Keywords in Your Content

You know search engines are really smart at this moment. Search engines can easily find out the unhealthy practice of your focus keywords. You must maintain the density of your focus keywords but LSI keywords protect you from any spamming.

Search engines such as google like those article that optimized by more than one keywords. Because using LSI keywords you will be more relevant. Main keywords and LSI keywords both help you to rank higher in google.

How to Rank on Google First Page without Backlinks!

There are some excellent LSI keyword finder tools are available here. You can select any free keyword research tool to find your best LSI keyword.

You need to know what is LSI keyword? LSI keywords are closely related to your focus keywords. LSI keywords can be synonyms, substitutions or related words.

Such as Windows is your focus keyword then Windows 7, Windows 10, Microsoft and more can be your LSI keywords.

Best LSI Keyword Finder Tools

LSI Graph

It is one of the best and most popular LSI keyword finder tools among the experts. Most of the webmasters, SEO experts and bloggers use this free keyword research tool.

Here you can easily find you desired LSI keywords for better search ranking.

This tool is really user-friendly and everybody prefers this tool for its appealing interface.

Go to LSI Graph and enter your keywords, clear the captcha. Finally, click on GENERATE.

Best LSI Keyword Finder Tools

Now you can see a lot of related keywords that you can use as your LSI keywords.

Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter is also an excellent free keyword research tool. It has different options that make this tool as one of the best LSI keyword finder tools.

Here is an option to filter your keywords based on negative words and positive words. You can also download all the keywords.

Go to Keyword Shitter and enter your keywords. Then click on Shit Keywords!

Best LSI Keyword Finder Tools

Keyword Gen

It is one my favorite free LSI keywords finder tools. This tool provides your best keywords that closely related to your main keywords.

You need to visit Keyword Gen and type your keywords. Then click on Get suggestions.

Best LSI Keyword Finder Tools

Keyword Finder

Keyword Finder is also one of the most popular LSI keyword finder tools. It is really a fantastic tool. You will get your best answer from this tool.

One tool but has a lot of different important options. You will get your all keywords related options that you need to know.

You will get keywords trend, search, CPC, PPC, and DIFF.

Just visit Keyword Finder and type your keywords and click on Analyse.

Now you will get a lot of LSI keywords with different options.

Best LSI Keyword Finder Tools


Soolve is another favorite tool. It is best for online marketers. Soolve gets results from google, yahoo, bing Wikipedia, Amazon, youtube, Answer and more.

Enter your keywords after visiting Soolve then click on Soolve.

Best LSI Keyword Finder Tools


Google Search 

Google search is not an LSI keywords research tool. But you can use it to get you best LSI keywords.

When you type something on google search bar, google automatically provides you some of the best matching words or phrases that can be used as LSI keywords.

Best LSI Keyword Finder Tools

There is another option to get more LSI keywords from the google search.

At the bottom of the of the page of google search, you can see Searches related keywords. You can use these related searches as your LSI keywords.

Best LSI Keyword Finder Tools

These are the best LSI keyword finder tools. You can use any of these tools but you have to use. Since LSI keyword is a google ranking factor so you should be careful about this keyword.

To get the perfect LSI keywords use these LSI keyword finder tools without any doubt.

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