18 Best Secret Codes of iPhone You Should Know

Are you a smartphone user? I think must because this is the age of the smartphone. Almost all the people have at least one smartphone. Some people use more than one smartphones. Without a smartphone, you look like dull. This day a smartphone is one of the most important things. It is our all time partner. There are different smartphones. Android and iPhone are the best and most popular smartphones. The android operating system has developed by google and the iOS operating system has developed by Apple. This day I want to say something about iPhone that runs on iOS. There are different secret codes of iPhone. Here I tell you about the best secret codes of iPhone.

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In my previous article, I have given you a list of Android secret codes. But I want to show you the best secret codes of iPhone. iPhone is the most luxurious and  most intellectual smartphone. This phone has a great demand among the users. If you are an iPhone users, you need to know some basic things about iPhone. Then you will able to handle this phone properly. Most of the users are not aware of the internal settings of iPhone. If you know the best secret codes of iPhone, you can enter and change the internal settings of iPhone.

The best secret codes of iPhone allow the users to change some settings which are not possible to the users level. You will know about some additional functions, you can unlock new features and information that increase your productivity. Just enter these best secret codes of iPhone on the dialer of iPhone.

Best Secret Codes of iPhone

Best Secret Codes of iPhone

  • *3001#12345#*  Field text mode.
  • *3370# Turn on or turn off EFR(enhanced full rate) that improves iPhone call quality.
  • *#06# Find IMEI number.
  • *#31# Hide your number on calls option.
  • #43# Turn off call waiting
  • *43# Turn on call waiting.
  • *225# Show your account balance.
  • *#61# Number of missed calls
  • *#33# Find what mobile services are disabled on your phone.
  • *#21# Call forwarding status.
  • *777# Find your prepaid account balance.
  • *646# Check the minutes left in the contract.
  • *#5005*7672# SMS center number.
  • *#43# Check if call waiting on or off
  • *#67# Call forwarding number.
  • *3282# You the use of information info.
  • *331*  Barring code# Outgoing calls abroad to block the lock code to inquire about her please contact your network operator.
  • ##002# Disables all call forwarding.


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