Best Smartphone Apps for Blogger To Make Blogging Easier

Nowadays smartphones could become our computer due to Android and OS become very popular and fast for smartphone and tablet devices. There are millions of applications such as photo editing, blogging apps and etc are available in google ply store. As a blogger, we should take advantage of these best smartphone apps and make blogging more comfortable. You may know thousands of apps uploaded and downloaded by android developers and users daily. Although there are millions of apps are available on google to play store but every application is not most important or necessary, so I  make a list of top best smartphone apps for a professional blogger which will help you to customize your blog from the smartphone.

best smartphone apps

You can use these apps for making your life so easier than ever. Smartphone are taking the place of personal computer because these are more comfortable for the handle, it’s portable, reliable and unique fashionable.

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Top Android Apps for Blogger


WordPress is one of the best android apps that help you to edit and publish a new post on your blog. It is the official application from WordPress and bloggers helps you to compose and publish a post. Using it you can publish a new post and edit an old post without a computer. This will come proficient when you are in travel. WordPress app can monitor yours site statistics/analytics, visitors behaviors, users site use, readers and it open source. There are a lot of apps for writing a blog post on play store, but the official app is always reliable.

Install and Download from Google Play store Download WordPress App


Blogger is another powerful app for blogging in the list of best smartphone apps. From 1016 it was launched by google for Blogspot bloggers/users. It is developed by google Inc. Using this app you can edit your Blogspot blogger post, publish a new post, Drafts, list setting and much more. It is an awesome application for Blogspot users to keep in touch with their blogs performance and usability.

Install and Download from Google Play store Download Blogger App

Plagiarism Checker

Unique content improves your diary quality and provides valuable data to your readers. Plagiarism checker scans your article or posts by screening your content with five search engines Google, Babylon, Yahoo, Google Books and Google Scholar.

You can use this app to see whether or not the guest post submitted to your diary could be an analysis work or derived work. On the Desktop, you’ll use Grammarly to see for plagiarism.

Install and Download from Google Play store Download Plagiarism Checker App

Google Analytics

Track the traffic coming to your blog with this useful gizmo Google Analytics provided by Google. You can view real-time analytics, audience location, goal conversions and behavior of your audience. this handy insight can assist you to set up ahead and improve your website traffic.

Install and Download from Google Play store Download Google Analytics

Google Adsense Android App

Check your Adsense earnings on the escort Google Adsense application. you’ll read calculable earnings, page views, clicks, CPC, Click Through Rate etc. you’ll relish all options offered within the desktop version of Adsense in Google Adsense application.

Install and Download from Google Play store Download Adsense Android App

Best Smartphone Apps


Another best blogging mechanical man app in lexicon applications class. it’s over 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms from lexicon and synonym There area unit following key options of this app; audio pronunciation, word origin, idioms and phrases, word history, voice search, favorite words, abbreviations and far a lot of that you simply would like.

Install and Download from Google Play store Download Dictionary Android App


Pingdom helps you to monitor your site uptime and downtime. Using it you can easily monitor your site anytime. As a blogger, you should install this app for monitoring yu site/blog. Pingdom is an essential tool for a blogger or every owener who in included with doct com companyes.

Install and Download from Google Play store Download Pingdom Android App

So these are my best smartphone apps  that you can use for the blog from an android powered devices. Don’t forget to share this post on social media.

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