Best Sources for Paid Traffic You Need to Know

If you want to start an online business then you need a website or blog. Because landing pages are really a great business tool. Especially the online business mainly depends on your landing pages. These are essential for promoting your business. After creating a website you need to focus on your visitors so that you can gain more. At present, paid traffic is an important factor. You can get paid traffic to your website. There are different paid traffic resources. Here are some of the best sources for paid traffic.

Blogger Traffic Sources: You Can Get Traffic to Your Site

There are two options for getting traffic to your landing pages or website. Free traffic and paid traffic. You can get free traffic from search engines, social networking sites, bookmarking sites and more. But it is not easy to get free traffic to your website. You have to wait and do a lot of works. Google is the best source of free organic traffic. You have to do overall SEO perfectly if you want to get traffic.

How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Affiliate Products

In this situation paid traffic is really a good idea. If you want to grow your online business properly and quickly then paid traffic is the best idea. Then you need these best sources for paid traffic.

How to Get Traffic to Your Website from Facebook Easily

If the free traffic is not enough for you then you need to get paid traffic to your website. It is really helpful to get targeted traffic that promotes your business easily. In this tutorial, I am going to share with you the best sources for paid traffic. All the sources are not perfect for you, so you need to select the best one.

Best Sources for Paid Traffic

Best Sources for Paid Traffic

Most of the paid traffic sources belong to google and Bing. When someone searches for something related to your keywords or business then the ads will show in the particular position of SERPs.

Here are the best sources for paid traffic.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords from google and one of the best sources for paid traffic. Since Adwords is a google product, it has a lot of facilities. You can get well-targeted visitors by using this source.

You can sign up google Adwords for free and pay if someone clicks on your ads. I think that google ads are the best way to get super cheap traffic to your website. Adwords helps you to attract more customers and promote your business. Google Adwords display your ads to those people who are really looking for your products.

It will help you to reach the ideal buyers so that you will get desired output. We mainly know google Adwords as keywords research tools. But it is also a massive source of paid visitors.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the biggest social networking site. It has more than one billion monthly users. If you can promote your site on facebook then you able to reach to the billions of people.

Facebook is not only a free traffic source but it is also one of the best sources for paid traffic. You can use facebook to introduce your brand to the users. Facebook gives your business a huge audience.

You can easily interact with your customers. Facebook advertising is extremely effective to drive huge targeted paid traffic. It allows you to find such users that are similar to your existing users.

Bing Ads

Bing ads are just like Google Adwords. Traffic quality of Bing ads is better than google. Cost Per Click is also lower than other options. The popularity of Bing is increasing day by day.

Bing helps you to improve your online campaign by providing plain and efficient advertising. Bing offers you free Bing ads credits to the new advertisers just like Adwords.

It’s mobile advertising also an excellent way to reach huge customers that help you to increase your sales. Bing supports different types of ads such as retargeting, native ads, local ads, shopping ads and more.

Twitter Ads

Twitter offers to advertise your products. It is the most popular micro-blogging site with more than 300 million active users. It is also an excellent social networking site. So you can increase your appearance using twitter ads.

You can promote your business, account profile, tweets and more by using these ads. It will ultimately help you to get huge targeted paid traffic to your website.

LinkedIn Ads

Linkedin is my favorite social networking site. It is just like facebook. But the users of Linkedin are really smart and update. So you can target Linkedin to get a lot of special traffic.

This site able to provides you enough traffic that helps to boost your online business. It has more than 400 million users around the world. It is one of the biggest social networking sites that allows you to select particular traffic.

Linkedin ads allow you to reach the professional audience by their job title, industry or company size and more.

YouTube Ads

I really a big fan of youtube and passing a good amount of time with youtube. I think almost all the online users like to see youtube videos. It is the largest and most popular video sharing sites with millions of users.

Youtube ads are effective and one of the best sources for paid traffic. You will get active and professional traffic from youtube ads.

It supports various types of ads such as text ads, video ads,  overlay ads, display ads and more.


You will get various sources of paid traffic. But there only a few are the best sources of paid traffic. All the above sources of paid traffic are perfect for you. You can use these sites to get enough traffic within a short time.

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