110 Best Tech Blogs You Must Visit

I have been thinking about one month that I want to share with you a list of best tech blogs. You know every issue related to blogging is technology. Blogging is a technology and the number of tech blogs is rising day by day. People are really mad at for technology. Because they know that it has already brought the revolution in our civilization. So they should know more about tech.

I am also a tech blogger and my blog provides you information about technology. There are a lot of niches for blogger. Tech niche is one of the most profitable and perfect niches for blogger. I think it is the basic niche for  blogger. The internet is full of tech blogs, here I share you only some best tech blogs you can visit to learn more about tech if you are a tech blogger or you need information related to technology.Best tech blogs

As a tech blogger, you must follow and visit those best tech blogs which have already proved its quality. I got inspiration to be a tech blogger from those bloggers who have reached the goal of success. We learn from others and we can follow the successful  bloggers to do well.

I will give you a list of the best tech blogs and all the blogs I always try to visit, these are my favorite blogs. I try to learn from these blogs and want to make my blog one of them.

So take a look at my best tech blogs list. It will be really helpful to you if you learn more about this blogs and bloggers.


Best Tech Blogs

  1. TechCrunch
  2. Mashable
  3.  Gizmodo
  4. TelePresence24
  5. Wired
  6. TheVerge
  7. Znet
  8. GigaOM
  9. Technobyte
  10. Engadget
  11. Lifehacker
  12. Digital Inspiration
  13. Kotaku
  14. BusinessInsider
  15. ComputerWorld 
  16. Scobleizer
  17. Next Web
  18. VentureBeat
  19. Read Write
  20. Webware
  21. Six Revisions
  22. MakeUseOf
  23. gHacks
  24. BroThetech
  25. Ask Dave Taylor
  26. ByRon Miller
  27. EdTech Roundup
  28. Howtogeek
  29. Arstechnica
  30. Digital Trends
  31. Hackaday
  32. Macrumors
  33. 9to5Mac
  34. Qi Wireless
  35. Valleywag
  36. Boing Boing
  37. StartupDigest
  38. Bits
  39. Reddit Technology
  40. Smashing Magazine
  41. Lost in Technology
  42. Mac Appstorm
  43. Web Appstorm
  44. Search Engine Land
  45. Unclutterer
  46. Life Hack
  47. SmarterWare
  48. Boy Genius Report
  49. Free Technology for Teachers
  50. Tech Cabal
  51. Krebs onSecurity
  52. London Ist
  53. Coolest Gadgets
  54. Techdirt
  55. Popular Science
  56. Binary Moon
  57. Wikiblinks
  58. Seth Godin’s Blog
  59. David Airey
  60. Brian Solis
  61. InformationWeek
  62. Pronet Advertising
  63. SocialTimes
  64. FreelanceSwitch
  65. All ThingsD
  66. Make Magazine
  67. Boy Genius Report
  68. Neatorama
  69. CoolSmartPhone
  70. Sluggerotoole
  71. ShinyShiny
  72. Gadgetell
  73. Adactio
  74. Tapscape
  75. Techspooks
  76. Hispazone
  77. Kryogenix
  78. Tizen help
  79. ForeverGeek
  80. Sisourav
  81. ItproGuru
  82. Bit-Tech
  83. CNET
  84. eWeeks
  85. The Guardian Tech Blog
  86. Robert Scoble
  87. Xkcd
  88. Dustin Curtis
  89. MinimalMac
  90. 40Tech
  91. Rough Type
  92. Tech Guide for Travel
  93. Daring Fireball
  94. Technology Personalized
  95. Scripting News
  96. TechVibes
  97. Pogues’s Post
  98. Techosystems
  99. The Wonder of Tech
  100. Uncrunched
  101. HackCollege
  102. Boy Genius Report
  103. Gizmag
  104. Design Observer
  105. Financial Times Tech Blog
  106. Swiss Miss
  107. TechnoBuffalo
  108. Blog Strom
  109. Network Security Blog
  110. Securosis


All the blogs here are really important for you if you want to increase your knowledge on technology. You should follow these best tech blogs so that you can be fit for our work. I think these best tech blogs will be helpful for you.



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