Blogger Traffic Sources: You Can Get Traffic to Your Site

After launching a website or blog, we write contents then we publish these contents for visitors or traffic. We mainly build a blog/website to help the people. Every blogger wants that people find them helpful. The people also want a perfect site that can solve their problems. So we can say that blogger, blog and traffic or visitors are closely related to each other. One can not do anything without other help. If you are a blogger then getting enough traffic is your goal. You need to know about your website traffic sources. I am going to tell you about the blogger traffic sources.

There are different website traffic sources. You have to depend on all these sources to get enough traffic. If you target only one or two sources then you will not be very much successful. So you need different blogger traffic sources.

You have many traffic sources that mean you have a lot of visitors. But you need to know how to use these sources?  When we get huge visitors daily from different sectors then we can enjoy our blogging life. We will able to fulfill our intention.

Blogger traffic sources are enough to get more. If you utilize these sources properly then you will not get any chance to be a loser.

Blogger Traffic Sources

Blogger Traffic Sources to Get More

Search Engines

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and more are the most important traffic sources of any blog/website. This traffic is the most powerful and valuable. If you get enough search traffic or organic traffic that mean you are good enough.

But it is not easy to get search engines traffic. Google is the best search engine and we know that google is our main source of organic traffic. Because the search market mainly controls by google. It is the best and most important blogger traffic source.

You have to wait to get google traffic unless you have done overall SEO properly. Getting organic traffic is not a magic. A lot of things you have to do.

Keywords research, on-page SEO, quality backlinks, marketing, advertising and more are important to get google traffic.

Social Networking Sites

This is the age information technology and social networking sites are really important in the present age.

This sites can be used for various purposes. Blogging success largely depends on social media activities. You must depend on referral traffic. Because you do not get organic traffic easily. Then social networking sites are the second most important blogger traffic sources.

You can get huge traffic from facebook, twitter, google plus, Linkedin, Pinterest and more. If you have a lot of fans or followers that mean you have enough permanent traffic.

You need to create the profile on social media then share your contents as well as other contents to make you popular and helpful.

You social media contribution ultimately help you for getting search traffic.

Blog Commenting 

Blog commenting is the most popular way to get quick traffic and quality backlinks. There are thousands of high PR dofollow blogs that accept your comments. You need to comments on these blogs to get quality backlinks and instant traffic. So commenting is one of one of the important blogger traffic sources.

But remember that you need to comments on high PR relevant sites to get quality backlinks. If you are a technology bloggers you need to comments on technology related sites not travel sites. Blog commenting is also an excellent way to build relation with other bloggers.

Other Traffic Sources

There are other blogger traffic sources. All these traffic sources are also really important for you. Because if you try to get traffic from these sources by building backlinks. It will help you increase your page rank so that you can get enough traffic from search engines.

Social bookmarking sites, directory submission, forum posting, article directory, blog directory, web 2.o sites, Youtube and more are the massive sources of your traffic and top quality backlinks.


You need to try different ways to get traffic on your blog. Every traffic source is related to each other. If you want to get more organic traffic to your website then you have to try to get traffic from all other blogger traffic sources.

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