Blogging As Career-Why and How

Blogging as career

I have been thinking for one month that I should write something about my profession or career. Why I have chosen blogging as career or profession. When we want to do something, we must have a reason behind this. Without any cause or reason, we should not choose anything.  Because without any goal, I think my life is like a ship without a sailor.

After finishing my M.Sc in chemistry, I was looking something better for my career or profession. We all know that the job market is too small for all the educated person. It is not easy to get a good job in this competitive world. In our country people after finishing their education, they always try to get a government job, because these jobs are more secure than other jobs.

But it is not an easy task to get a government job. When people do not get any government job then they try to get a good private job to build their career. A private job is not bad, there are a lot of opportunities in this sector if you can proof yourself by efficiency. But there are some problems in the private sector we all know so I do not want to mention here.

I have chosen blogging as career or my profession. I have already told something about government and private jobs, that is the reality. But there is some reality in blogging you must face when you will take blogging as career. I am an independent and self-reliant person. From my childhood, I always try to do anything by myself. I do not want to confine in one place myself so I select blogging as career.

Blogging is not an easy task but there are a lot of opportunities if you can reach the goal. Blogging is much more difficult than other jobs. Don’t worry friends, because when we want to to do something better, we must overcome all the difficulties. When you select blogging as career, you may face a lot of problems but when you defeat all the obstacles, you will  get the best result.

At first, I thought that blogging is a quick way to earn money but soon I understood it is not like other jobs. From my experience, I can say if you want to be a blogger only for money you  should stop now. Because without making a perfect blog, you will not earn enough for yourself. Blogging can make you popular, famous if you do it perfectly. You must have patience, you should not crazy about money.

Now my only aim is to become a better blogger then money will run after me. Here I come with a topic and I want to share my experience with you, why I have chosen blogging as career?


Blogging as Career Why and How


  • I have already told that I am an independent person by nature and I want to free from all bindings. I always looking for such an opportunity that give me a free life. I find all the opportunities in blogging that I am looking for. In blogging, you don’t have to go office at a definite time, you need not work for 8-10 hours. You can do it at anytime you like. You free from all the rules and regulations but blogging has some rules of its own. I will discuss blogging rules later. Today in this I only discuss why I choose blogging as career. As a blogger, I can say I am free from all the pressure.


  • Another big reason why I choose blogging as career, it is really a smart and perfect occupation for those people who want prove themselves by their ability. Every people has some qualifications but everyone doesn’t get the chance to show his/her qualifications. In job sector, you have a little opportunity to prove yourself because you have to do anything according to your boss order. But blogging gives you to show your knowledge, ability and more. So I have selected blogging as career because I want to show myself.


  • Blogging is a great way to making you popular among the people. There are a lot of people who want to be popular in the digital world. I think blogging is one of the easiest and smart way to become famous and popular. Just you have to continue your work in any situation, one day you will become a popular person like other famous bloggers. I want to be one of them such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Rand Fishkin, Brian Clark, Patt Flynn, John Chow, Amit Agarwal, and Harsh Agrawal and more. You have seen that how popular those bloggers are? They knew that blogging as career is one of the best ways to make them famous.


  • There is another big reason why I have chosen blogging as career that is less investment. You can start blogging without any costs just you need a little money to buy a domain, hosting or theme. You can also use free hosting and theme but I think self-hosted WordPress is the best blogging platform. All the costs to start a blogging is very low. So I choose blogging as career. To be a blogger you need not any professional degree but you need good writing skill and basic knowledge. There are thousands of source on the internet you can learn about blogging and you can improve your writing skill by reading articles from different related sites.


  • We are living in the age of technology and I always try to keep in touch with technology. Blogging gives us this opportunity to build a real connection with technology. We have to write different topics about technology so we need to  know a lot about these topics. Blogging makes me creative and I like to do anything new. So I have chosen blogging as career. Many newbies ask me why I chose blogging as my career, I answered them if you want to be an incredible person, blogging should be your first choice.


  • I am really crazy to build a connection with other like-minded people. Blogging is a wonderful way to make a connection with a lot of other bloggers or people. You can make a lot of friends who help you in the different situation. If  you feel any problem in doing something, you can ask for help, they will help you. You can increase your knowledge, make you perfect by connecting with other people. Blogging can change your outlook if you take blogging as career.


  • Now I discuss one of the most important purposes probably the most important purpose of doing blogging that earns money by our blogs. I need money and I saw that the successful bloggers earn thousands of dollars every month by their blogs. I have chosen blogging as career for earning money. I think every blogger agrees with me when we earn enough money by our blogs then we think that we reach our goal. Because we need enough money to lead our life and without money, we can not do enjoy our life. So we always looking for a better source of income and blogging gives us this opportunity to earn enough money. So why you don’t choose blogging as career. But still you need a lot of experiences about blogging and you have to work hard if you want to fulfill your aim. You have to become a perfect blogger among the readers if you want to earn enough money.


We always learn from our mistakes, I also want to do better if I have done any mistakes. When I started my first blog, I had little knowledge about blogging and other related issues then I made some big mistakes so I had to lose my blog. But I did not stop my journey, I had to face a lot of problems when I was a newbie. Now I am still learning about blogging and I hope I will become one of the most successful bloggers If Allah helps me. I know blogging can be a lifetime achievement if I can make me fit for this achievement. So I choose blogging as career.


Munna Hossain

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