Top 14 Blogging Tips and Tricks for the Beginners

At present, people are really interested in blogging. They want to enjoy the life of a  successful blogger. It is true that the life of a successful blogger is really enjoyable. So blogging has a great demand among the people. Today I want to say something about the blogging tips and tricks for the beginners.

When you have decided to be a blogger, of course, you need to know something that is related to your career. Blogging is not just a fun or simple experience. You should not take blogging as a fun, you must take it seriously. I am want to tell from my experience, most of the bloggers can not continue because of lack of knowledge.

They don’t know the basic blogging tips and tricks for the beginners. I want to share some perfect tips for the newbie bloggers. The biggest reason for stopping blogging after some days is money is money. They can not make enough money within a short time. Bloggers need proper guidelines otherwise, they will make big mistakes that can spoil their blogging career. So I write this article about the best blogging tips and tricks for the beginners.

Blogging Tips and Tricks for the Beginners

Blogging Tips and Tricks for the Beginners

Before starting read this article, it will help you in the journey of blogging. This article is not only for the newbie bloggers but it is also perfect for the advanced bloggers. Just take a look best blogging tips and tricks for the beginners. When you have decided to be a blogger then this article is for you.

Select your Niche

 It is the first thing you need to select. What is your niche? Most of the newbies make mistake when they select their niche.

You need to know if you select wrong niche your blogging success will go in vain. Ask yourself  what is perfect for you? Which topic help you to give more and more. If you select such a niche that you actually are not interested in it, you will loose interest after some time.

Choose Blogging Platform

After selecting your niche then you need to select the blogging platform. There are different blogging platforms. Blogger and WordPress are the two best and most powerful blogging platforms.

Both blogger and WordPress are perfect for you. But most of the bloggers think that WordPress is the best and perfect blogging platform. This platform is more user-friendly that blogger. But blogger is also good for the beginners. Because it is easy to handle.

Blogger from Google and you have no direct control on your blog if you use blogger. Google can do anything anytime. But if you can use blogger by following the rules and regulations then there is no problem.

 Why WordPress is the best blogging platform, there are various reasons. WordPress is more user-friendly, SEO optimized platform. It is a high-class platform for the advanced bloggers. Most of the bloggers want to use WordPress to get more benefits. You get full control of your blog if you use WordPress. WordPress sites are more smart and appealing.

I want to tell you if you want to get top-class facilities you can use WordPress but blogger is not bad. I believe, your success only depends on you, not the blogging platform. There are a lot of bloggers who became successful using free blogger platform.

So you can start in blogger when you will be Ok then you should migrate from blogger to WordPress to get more facilities.

 Domain, Hosting, and Themes

After selecting your niche you need to choose a domain name. Select such a domain name that are related to your niche because it is a good idea. You should remember the easy domain name, you need not choose a complex domain name that is not easily memorable.

You can use .com, org, .net and more but I think .com can be your best choice. There is an option to use a free domain, hosting and theme but I think if you consume some extra dollars, you can buy the domain, hosting and theme to get better facilities. Instant Domain Search is a nice tool to search your best domain.

When you select your domain, before buying you need to check if it has any bad records using If it has any bad record or someone used this domain before, you should not select this domain. Select unique domain.

Design Your Blog 

The design is really an important issue for any blogging success. Your blog’s design can make you popular among the readers. It is also a matter of search engines ranking that you should design perfectly.

When you think about the design the theme plays an important role. Most of the people want to use free themes but you know that premium theme is always better than the free one. You know blogging is a lifetime achievement. So you should spend some extra dollars, you will get more profit.

Most of the time free themes are poorly coded so free one may not be your best choice. If you afford you should buy.

You should design your blog not only for search engines but also for the users. People who visit your site should get a good experience when they see your design. Make you added the header, footer, sidebar, navigation bar perfectly so that visitors get anything easily on your site.

You can add recent posts, popular posts, labels that make your blog attractive. Add social media icons, author box, search bar, email subscription on your site.

There are some pages that you must add on your site such as About Us, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy.

 Research Keywords Before Writing

After doing all the internal things then you come to the key point. You need to write the best content for your site. Write for the people, write for yourself, write what you know. Help the people what they want?

Content is the king of your blog or website. Without having a sufficient amount of quality  contents you can not do anything. But your best contents will not reach the door of your visitors if you didn’t select the perfect keywords. Content is the king for your blog but keywords are the king of your contents.

You must research keywords before writing. There are many blogging tips and tricks for the beginners and keywords research is really an important issue to do well.

As a newbie blogger, you should not select short, high competitive keywords. Because you can not rank well if you choose short and competitive keywords.

It is highly recommended to use long tail keywords. I have already written an article about why select long tail keywords. So I do not want to say many things about it. But I can say long tail keywords can be your best choice. You must select long tail, low competitive keywords for your content.

Nowadays, search engines are really clever enough to find your unhealthy practice of focus keywords. So there is another excellent way to be more perfect. You need to use LSI keywords. It is really important to use LSI keywords that prevent you from spamming in the eye of Google. You can use google keywords planner, SEMrush, WordStream and more.

Write Long and Quality Content

We know “quality is better than quantity” So you must focus on quality. When you select a topic of your article, be careful that you can write properly about it. You must remember about the quality of your article.

When you follow some of the successful bloggers, you will see how perfectly they write contents. So people really love them and come back their sites again.

There is an important issue that is the length of your contents. Always try to write long content. Because long content ranks better on search engines and people your are perfect about this topic, you know details about it. When you see Neil Patel and Brian Dean blogs, you will see they write really long contents that rank very well in search engines.

Do Not Copy Paste

 Honesty is the best policy. We should be honest to be successful in blogging. Most of the newbie bloggers are not aware of the blogging tips and tricks for the beginners. So they make some mistakes that are enough to spoil their blogs.

You must know that plagiarism is a big offense in blogging. We can not copy others contents. You should not act like a thief.

We must write what you know but you can get the idea from others contents. You have to write by yourself. Try to create your own style.

 Newbie bloggers are not careful about the basic rules of blogging. They try to do something as soon as possible. So they copy others contents to get success within a short time. But you need to know blogging is not a very simple way to earn money. At first, you need to build yourself as perfect bloggers.

So you must have patience enough to do something step by step following the rules and regulations.

Add Multimedia

You must use multimedia such as images, videos,  and infographics on your content. It increases the attractiveness of your content. People can understand what they want by seeing your multimedia.

You must at least one image on every content and you can add video or infographic if it possible. Images fulfill your content. There is some article that should not write without images otherwise, people will not understand your contents.

If you add videos or  infographic then your content will get extra strength.

Chech Before Publishing

When you have finished your content now the time to publish. Before publishing, you need to check something. Here I am saying about the On-page SEO terms.

After selecting the main or focus keywords you need to select a catchy title. The title must be unique and should contain the focus keywords.

Make sure the permalinks contain the focus keywords. Use keywords naturally, unhealthy practice will consider as spamming. Keywords density should have 1.5% to 2% on your content.

Use keywords in heading tags such as H2, H3 and  more. Add keywords in meta description and image ALT tags.

Be Social

Social networking sites such as facebook, google plus, twitter, Pinterest and more play an important role over the years in every sector of business or technology. We can not think any blogging success without social media.

It is not only a big source of traffic but also social media helps you to rank in search engines. Social media is the best way to promote your blog within a short time.

You must active in social media. Share your content on every social media just after publishing. Share the images of your contents on social media especially Pinterest, Flickr and more site.

If you are newbie blogger, I think you should be active on facebook, google plus, and twitter. After some days you can use other popular networks.

Share your contents every day and you can share others related contents. Jin facebook groups and google plus communities related to your niche. There are many blogging tips and tricks for the beginners, social media is very important for the beginners.

Blog Commenting 

There are different off page SEO techniques. Blog commenting is the best and most popular way to get backlinks. It is the great way to get instant traffic.

There are thousands of blogs that are related to your niche. Open this blog and read their articles and place your valuable comments. Do not place more than one comments in one blog every day.

Before commenting make sure that blog is related to your niche. If you are a technology blogger, you should not comment on a food blog.

Comments have two sites good and bad. If you comment on low PR sites, your blog will fail to rank in google. So always comments on high PR related sites. Avoid spamming. Commenting is a great way to make a relationship with others successful bloggers.

Start Engaging with Others

If you engage with other bloggers you will get some blogging tips and tricks for the beginners. You should not blog alone. You will not do anything by yourself. You need help from others.

 As a newbie, you need to follow your superiors. Because they know more than you. If you face any problem you can ask them for a solution. There are different ways to make relation with other bloggers. Blog commenting is the easiest way to build a relationship with related bloggers.

There are different communities you need to join and take part in the discussion.


Consistency is another important factor for all bloggers. Most of the bloggers are aware of the blogging tips and tricks for the beginners. But they don’t know about the important of consistency.

You need to make  a routine of your daily works. Do some important tasks daily such as try to publish at least one content daily, do some SEO, share on social media.

I want to say do not give up. It is not a good decision.

Be Patience

I have already shared some of the most important blogging tips and tricks for the beginners. But everything will go in vain if you have not patience enough. It is the most important issue that every successful blogger have.

You know all the basic blogging tips and tricks for the beginners but don’t apply practically, you can not doi anything.

 You need to remember that blogging is not a quick way to earn enough but blogging is the best way to prove yourself among the people. When you will able to build a perfect blog, money will come to your door.


All these best blogging tips and tricks for the beginners will help you so much. But you need to know then apply practically.

You should not take blogging just a quick way of earning. You should take it seriously and wait with patience. Then you will able to do something well in this sector.

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