Build Backlinks For Your Blog On PR 7 – PR 9 Sites

All the bloggers are really busy to build backlinks on different sites. Some bloggers know about high-quality dofollow backlinks so they try to get these backlinks. Some bloggers don’t know about quality backlinks so the are trying to get backlinks from any sources. Only build backlinks for your blog is not enough for you. You should keep in mind that every backlink is not good for you.

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Some backlinks fulfill your intention and some can not do it at all. So you should be careful when you build backlinks.

Especially, the newbie bloggers make some mistakes when they build backlinks. I also did at the beginning of my blogging journey. I created a lot of backlinks from different sources but did not get any result. Then I searched on google and read a lot of article on backlinks. Then I understood about the quality of backlinks.

How to Index Backlinks In Google: Perfect Methods

If you want to build backlinks for your blog, I advise you to build one or two high PR backlinks rather than hundreds of low PR backlinks. Low PR backlink is waste of time and it may be harmful too. Because low PR backlinks decrease your authority on google. So when build backlinks for your blog, try to get high PR.

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In this article, I am going to show you step by step to get some of the best backlinks from PR 8 to PR 9 sites. All these sites provide you high-quality dofollow backlinks.

Build Backlinks for Your Blog

Build Backlink in Yahoo

You must know about Yahoo! inc. Most of the bloggers don’t know that you can build backlinks for your blog on Yahoo.

There are different ways you get a backlink from Yahoo. Here I will show you an easy way to get a link from Yahoo.

At first, go to and sign in with your yahoo mail. If you have know yahoo mail then you need to create.

After signing up you can see an option Create a Group. Click on it.

Now you can see a popup. Enter the group name, a short description about your group, group address(you can enter anything you like). You need to select a category. Click on Next.

“Yoy can create your blog related group”

Build Backlinks for Your Blog

Now you can see another popup. Here you need to select some options. Then click on Accept and Create.

Build Backlinks for Your Blog

You have created a group.

Go to your group profile and click on Management and select Control Panel.

Build Backlinks for Your Blog

Then you can see different options with group website. Enter your URL and click on Save. That’s all.

Build Backlinks for Your Blog


Build Backlink in Microsoft

You know Microsoft and you can get a backlink from this site.

Visit answer.microsift and sign in with your Hotmail or Live mail account.

You can see thee different menu on Dashboard. Click on Categories.

Select any category you familiar with.

Here you need to create backlink by answering a question. So select such categories that you can answer a question.

Build Backlinks for Your Blog

Now you need to select a sub category. You can select topic by version or by topic.

Then you can see different questions related to your category. Click any question you can answer.

Then click on Reply, you can see a text file to enter your answer. Add your link with your answer.

Then click on Submit.


Build Backlink in Pinterest

Pinterest is PR 9 site so you know how powerful the backlink is from Pinterest.

Go to Pinterest and sign up.

After signing up you need to click on account setting icon and select Profile.

Build Backlinks for Your Blog

Now you can edit your profile and add your website link. You need to verify your website. Click on Confirm website.

Build Backlinks for Your Blog

Then a popup will appear with verification meta tag.

Copy and paste the code of the <head> section of your website’s index.html file.

Build Backlinks for Your Blog

After adding this code back to Pinterest and click on Finish.

Finally, click on Save settings on profile edit page.


Build Backlink in Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website from Yahoo! inc. You can get a backlink from this site.

Just visit and sign up with any email ID.

On Tumblr Dashboard you can see different options. Click on Link option.

Build Backlinks for Your Blog

Now enter the URL of your site and add a short description and click on Post.

Build Backlinks for Your Blog


Build Backlink in Themeforest

Themeforest is also an excellent site to build backlinks for your blog. You can get a top quality backlink from themeforest.

Visit ThemForest and sign in.

On Themeforest page you can see your account name. Tap on it and select Profile.

 build backlinks for your blog

Then click on Settings just below your profile picture menu bar.

Now you are in profile setting page. Enter your profile heading. On the profile text area, type something about you and add your blog or website URL. Then click on Save.

build backlinks for your blog


Build Backlink in Storify

Storify is a social networking site. You can build a powerful backlink in Storify.

Go to and sign up using facebook, twitter or your Email account.

build backlinks for your blog


After signing up click on New Story just before your profile image.

Write a story at least 400 words with a link to your site. Then publish.


I hope you have enjoyed my article. You should try to build backlinks for your blog on these excellent sites. If you want to get high page rank in google you must have enough high PR top quality backlinks. You should build backlinks for your blog with the help of my article.

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