Where You Can Share Blog Posts for Traffic and Backlinks

Bloggers always try to create quality content. They work hard day and night to provide the best information. You must want enough traffic after producing a great content. Search engines are the best sources of traffic. But it is not easy to get search engines or organic traffic because it depends on many things. If you want to take your blog to the nex level you should share blog posts on different platforms. There are different places to add links of your posts.

Only writing and publishing quality content are not your responsibilities. You have to do more than you think. Try to do better than others. Find out some of the best places to share blog posts so that you will get easy and quick traffic. These also help you to promote your blog and get some quality backlinks. That ultimately help you to rank better for search engines or organic traffic.

Many bloggers think that they will get enough traffic to their blog posts after waiting some days. But most of the time it doesn’t happen. Because you have a lot of competitors and if they have already done something better than you, then it will not be easy for you. We build backlinks for our blogs or websites. But you need to rank our posts so build backlinks for your posts also.

Share blog posts on different places help you to get more traffic and higher page rank.

In this article, I am going to show you where you should share your blog posts or articles.

Places to Share Blog Posts


Facebook is such an excellent place where you need to share your posts every day. Make a good relation with facebook because it has billions of users and it is the most popular social networking site. It offers you various options to share your posts to get huge traffic. You should increase your facebook presence in order to promote your blog or blog posts.

After publishing a post, share on your facebook profile. You may have a lot of friends, try to add related people to your profile. It will be more helpful. When you share your post on your profile yo will get some instant traffic.

Then share blog posts on your facebook fan page. If you don’t,  create a fan page as soon as possible. Try to increase the followers, you should share posts on your fan page.

Facebook groups can be your massive sources of traffic. There are a lot of relevant groups are available on facebook. Join these groups, try for those groups having huge members. Visit these groups, try to be an active member and share your posts. You can also create your own group. It is also effective.

share blog posts

Google Plus

Google Plus is another excellent social networking site. It is one of the best places for online marketers and bloggers. Most of the users of google plus are online workers. So you have a big opportunity to promote your posts on this site. Try to increase google plus followers.

Google plus offers you the best facility to join like-minded people. You get more benefits if you make a good connection with other bloggers or marketers. Start sharing on google+ page after publishing a post. You need to write something about your posts and then share on your page.

You are really lucky having different google plus communities. This site is really rich because of communities and huge members. Most of the users target communities to share blog posts. You need to join different communities having huge members and start sharing your posts. You can also make your own community.

 Share Blog Posts


Twitter is another powerful social networking and microblogging site. You can easily increase your followers on twitter. Share your posts on this site to promote your products.

Most of the successful bloggers advise us to tweet articles on multiple times. This trick works well. You can also different twitter tools to use this site properly.


Linkedin is the best network for professionals. We are really busy with facebook, twitter and google plus. But we don’t know there are some other places where we can easily promote our business. We get huge really visitors from Linkedin. Because most of the users are professional minded.

You need to create an account on this site and complete your profile perfectly. Share your posts and other updates on our profile.

Share Blog Posts

Linkedin has a big collection of groups for different professionals. You need to join these groups. Then share blog posts on these groups. These groups have huge members so you have a big chance to get huge visitors. But try to share relevant topics so that the members don’t think you are not a perfect user. Using Linkedin groups we can get targeted traffic.

Share Blog Posts


Pinterest is an image related social networking site. If you have the quality image you can attract more visitors. Try to use top quality images on your posts and pin your image to Pinterest.

You need to optimize your image before pin it. Try to promote your pins with proper hashtags. You can share blog posts on relevant boards to drive more traffic.

Email Newsletter  

Your email subscribers are your real visitors. They are really interested in you. So you need to provide them more facility so that they can continue the relationship with you.

Share blog posts to them after publishing. You can different tools to send posts automatically to your subscribers.

Social Bookmarking 

Social bookmarking is another dependable way to promote your blog posts. You will get a lot of high PR social bookmarking sites, share your every blog post after publishing.

It is really easy to share blog posts on bookmarking sites. Just select some of the best sites and create accounts on these sites. Try to use same user, email, and password. Then submit your posts to get quality backlinks and traffic. This site is one of the best places to add links of your posts. Here are some of the best social bookmarking sites to share blog posts.

  • Reddit
  • Google Bookmarks
  • Digg
  • Diigo
  • Delicious
  • Stumbleupon
  • Slashdot
  • Newsvine
  • Designfloat
  • Scoopit

Questions and Answer Sites

Q&A sites are really helpful to get enough targeted traffic. There are a different question and answer sites and Quora is the best and most popular sites. Every day huge visitors visit this site to get the perfect answers to their questions.

You can share the links of your posts on this site. Give answer and add your related link.


Youtube is the best and most popular video sharing sites. Millions of users use this site. This site is an essential platform for the online workers especially bloggers and online marketers.

You can share your video that related to your article. Make some videos and share your videos on Youtube with a link back to your post.


These are the best places to share blog posts. There are some other places but the above options are enough for you if you want to reach the door of the traffic.

It is one of the most important responsibilities that you need to promote your blog posts. If you write a great article and wait to get traffic without doing anything. You are totally wrong. Successful bloggers share their one post more than thousands of times on social media and other networks.

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