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Top 100 Best WordPress Related Sites

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the web. When we think about a website or a blog then WordPress comes first. There are millions of WordPress websites or blogs around the web. People prefer WordPress as their blogging platform because of its unique features. If you want to be a WordPress user then you […]

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How to Disable Comments WordPress Site

When you build a WordPress site, the comment option will appear by default. It is a common option for every site and blog. Commenting option is really an important issue for any WordPress site. A lot of users engage with you by commenting. But commenting option is not good for all. Sometimes you need to […]

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Add Disqus Comments System in WordPress Site

Disqus is one of the most popular third-party commenting systems. You can add Disqus commenting system to your WordPress site. This commenting system is available for blogger and WordPress. I have already shown you how to add Disqus commenting system to blogger and now it is the  time to add Disqus commenting system in WordPress. […]

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Add Google Plus Comments in WordPress Site

Friends, this article is about how to add google plus comments in WordPress site? I have already told about how to add google plus, facebook and Disqus comments to blogger blog? Now it’s the time to add google plus commenting box in WordPress. WordPress is the best and most advanced blogging platform. So here must […]

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