How to Check Whos Using My WiFi Network

Most of the internet users are familiar with the WiFi connection. This is the age of technology. The internet is everywhere. There are two ways you can connect with the internet such as with the help of wire and without wire. When we get the internet connection without wire that is WiFi. WiFi is a facility that allows us to use the internet on our computers, laptops, smartphones and other devices wirelessly within a particular area. It is really an amazing facility. Especially the smartphones users are intimate with this WiFi. Because they always use WiFi connection on their devices.There is a problem in WiFi because someone can use your connection without your permission. You can check if  someone using your WiFi. Here I show you how to check whos using my WiFi.

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Your WiFi password is not enough to keep your connection safe. If someone knows your password he/she can easily use your valuable internet. There are different ways to hack WiFi password that helps the stranger to use your internet. So if we want to keep safe we have to know whos using my WiFi connection. If you want to know who’s connected to your router’s WiFi network, you need to follow this article. Here you can check if someone using your WiFi.

How To Check Whos Using My WiFi Network

Whos Using My WiFi

  • After installing this software, you need to open it. Then click on Scan Now button if you want to show the computer on the network.

Whos Using My WiFi

  • After scanning, you will see a list of mac address and devices that are using your WiFi  connection. It also notices me if any unknown computer found.

Whos Using My WiFi

  • Now you need to go your router and click on client list. If you will see any unknown device, block that device.

This is the easiest way to see whos using my WiFi network. I hope this article will help you to save your WiFi connection.

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