How to Comments on Other Blogs Perfectly

You must hear that blog commenting is the great way to increase your blog’s popularity and readership. Blog commenting is one of the best off page SEO techniques. All the bloggers, SEO experts, and webmasters give more priority on blog commenting. So the bloggers are really careful about comments on other blogs. I want to tell here how to comments on other blogs.

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Every day thousands of bloggers are entering the sector of blogging. They know the importance of SEO. So they try to do SEO besides publishing contents. There are differents parts of SEO. Blog commenting is really important part of off page SEO. The bloggers comment on other blogs every day. Some bloggers can make successful comments and some can not. If you know how to comments on other blogs, you can do well. But If you don’t know how to comments on other blogs, you can not make a successful blog comment.

My article is for them who just starting blog commenting. I think it will help you and you will know how to comments on other blogs.

Why We Comment on Other Blogs/ Benefits of Blog Commenting

There are several reasons why we comment on other blogs. Here I show you some benefits of blog commenting.

  • When we read an article we want to share our thoughts. Blog commenting help you to share your view with others.
  • You can build your own profile. We can make people pay attention by leaving a great comment.
  • We build quality backlinks by commenting.
  • You need to build relation with other bloggers. Comment help you to do that.
  • By blog commenting  you will get targeted traffic.
  • Commenting on high PR ad high authority sites can increase your page rank. It also helps you to increase your domain authority.
  • Before commenting, you must read the article that helps you to increase your knowledge.
  • Commenting help you to know more about other bloggers.
  • You can increase your fan or followers by blog commenting.

Which Comments We Should Avoid

Be careful when you comment on blogs. Otherwise, you may lose your opportunity. Here I show you which comments we should avoid.

  • Single word or two words comment must be avoided. When you comment, try to write your expression with the minimum single paragraph. You should not use one or two words. Such “nice post” “thank you” “great sharing” “useful post” “thanks author” and more.
  • Comment without reading the post should be avoided. You should read the post otherwise, you can not write a perfect comment. When you read the whole article, you can write post related comment.
  • You must be careful about errors comments such as spelling and grammatical errors. These comments look really odd. Check your comment again and again before publishing.
  • Not using the full name in a comment is a big mistake. You must use your full mane when you comment on other blogs.
  • You should not use fake or inactive email address in your comment. It is really a bad idea.
  • The irrelevant comment should not publish. You should try to make relevant comments on other blogs.
  • Some people comments only for publishing themselves. When you comment you must remember about well-judged and relevant comment.

how to comments on other blogs


How to Comments On Other Blogs

Now I come to the main point that is how to comments on other blogs. Here I show you which way you should comment on blogs. You must follow my tips if you want to make a successful comment.

Long and informative comment: When you comment on other blogs try to place a long and informative comment. It helps you to increase your reputation. When you post a long and informative comment which is helpful and relevant to the topic, it increases your chance to get a backlink.

Give updated information: When you comment, it is really a good idea to give more information about that topic. When you post more updated information people want to learn more about you by clicking your site link.

Read others Comments: Before publishing your comment, you should read others comments. It will help you to get a clear idea and you will how should you comment.

Show respect to the author: Author is always your teacher. So you should pay respect to him. You can “Dear sir” “hello friend” “Hello author” and more at the beginning of your comment. Never attack the author.

Try to solve problem: If you find any problem you can solve that problem. If any reader asks for help try to help them if you know.

Read the whole article: You must read the whole article if you want to post a perfect comment. It will help you to post a relevant comment.

Tell if you disagree: You must have your own outlook. It may not same to the author. You can tell the author. Try to describe why you do not agree with the topic.

Share your own experience: You can share your own idea by your comment. But remember about the relevant topic.

Ask  questions: It is really a good idea to ask questions. If you have any question ask by your comment.

Try to comment early: It is really helpful that early commenting. Try to comment at the beginning that will help you to get more benefits.

Conclusion: I hope you enjoy my article about how to comments on other blogs. If you comment by maintaining rules and regulations, you will approve. So spend time before place your valuable comment. When you know how to comments on other blogs, you will get better results.


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