Common Blogging Mistakes Most of the Bloggers Do

Some days ago, people would take blogging as a hobby. But at present, blogging is one of the most popular professions among the people. Especially young generation prefer blogging very much. Day by day the number of bloggers are increasing. Every day we are getting thousands of new bloggers. They are trying to serve the people with their blogs. They also hope to take blogging as their career. Blogging is not a small journey but a long journey. In this journey, we do some mistakes which are common blogging mistakes. Here I discuss, most common blogging mistakes done by almost all the bloggers at the beginning.

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Blogging is not so easy as we think. When you want to be a professional blogger. You must have skill about blogging. Many people tell me that blogging is one of the quickest ways to earn money online. But when you do it practically you will see that it is not so much easy. You should not think that you can do it without any basic knowledge. Only writing skill or some other skill is not enough for blogging success. You must have a collection of some knowledge if you want to be a successful blogger. Many bloggers especially the newbies start blogging without knowing anything. So they make some mistakes which make them unable to be a successful blogger. A mistake is always bad, it must have a bad effect.

So you should know about common blogging mistakes that most of the blogger do. If you know about it, you will be perfect in your work. You will try to avoid these mistakes which help you to become successful without any obstacle.

common blogging mistakes

Common  Blogging Mistakes

Select Wrong Niche

It is one of the most common blogging mistakes done by the newbie bloggers. Niche is your topic of writing. If you have selected such a niche, you actually are not interested in this niche. Selecting a niche is really a big decision for you. Because your success in blogging mostly depends on your niche.

You should select such a niche you contain this niche. You should not select such niche you do not hold this niche. Before selecting a niche you need think about it. If you have enough knowledge and you can write about it for the people, you can select.

Ignore  Your Niche

After selecting a perfect niche you should focus on your niche. You should not ignore the niche you have already selected. Write an article related to your niche. You have selected technology niche you should not publish content related to travel, health or fashion design. Confine yourself on your niche. It will help you to rank better in search engines easily.

When you ignore yourself and work with multiple niches neglecting your niche, it is really a bad idea. People confuse about your blog. So you should keep in mind your niche.

Not Thinking about Quality

We know that quality comes first. Many bloggers not thinking about quality, they only think about quantity. It is really one of the worst common mistakes for the bloggers. They think if they load their blogs with a lot of contents they can be successful. But it is totally a wrong idea. Because people always find quality contents. They will come back your site again and again if you can provide them some quality contents.

You need not publish every day because it is not very much important. But the quality of your content is very important for your success. Take time to publish but should not compromise with quality.

Want of Basic Knowledge

Want of basic knowledge about blogging and other related issues is one of the most common blogging mistakes. I generally see this mistake among the newbies. They try to do many things practically without knowing anything. You must have knowledge about blogging such as blogger or WordPress dashboard. How to write or publish content, basic knowledge about on page and off page SEO, how to add images. You must have knowledge about settings, basic HTML knowledge, how to add a widget or use plugins and more.

There are thousands of resources on the internet about blogging. You can learn anything just search. If you have no knowledge about blogging, you may do wrong things that are really bad for your blogging career.


You should maintain regularity in your blogging activities. Irregularity is also one of the common blogging mistakes among the bloggers. Irregularity is a sign of unsuccessful blogger. Some bloggers start very well, they work regularly, publish content time to time. But after some days they slowing down, they do not do their works properly. It is a big sign that you will fail in this sector.

Successful blogger never stops working. They always continue their work. So you must maintain regularity in blogging.

Blogging Alone

No one can be successful in the world without others help. We learn from others if we have done any mistake. It is fully a wrong idea that you will success in blogging without connecting with others. No blogger can reach the goal of success alone. Some bloggers want to blogging alone. They can not increase their knowledge, they will not get any help from others if they will fall any problem.

You need to join with others, people or bloggers. They will help you in your journey of blogging.

Blogging only for Money

Money is the big problem of our day to day life. Money is one of the most important factors in our whole life. Everybody is busy to earn money. There are a lot of bloggers who start blogging only for money. It is one of the most common blogging mistakes among the bloggers. They are too much crazy for money. So they can not serve  the people by proper blogging.

The money will come but you need to build a perfect blog at first. When you will earn popularity among the people by your blog, money will automatically come to you. You should think that ‘quality comes first’.

Ignore SEO

SEO or search engines optimization is the most important thing for your blog or website. If you want to make a successful blog, SEO is the must. Almost all the factors of your blog are related to SEO. So you must follow the rules and regulations of SEO in your blog. But there are a lot of bloggers who are indifferent about SEO. They don’t know the importance of SEO or they know but do not do practically.

There are two types of SEO : On page and Off page. Both are important for your success. I think On page SEO is more important than off page SEO. Because it shows the quality of your product. Off page is just for marketing.

Lack of Patience

Patience is one of the most important and basic qualities of a successful blogger. Without enough patience, no blogger can do well. Every successful blogger knows the importance of patience. If you have no patience in blogging, every quality will go in vain. But there a lot of bloggers who have no patience. They want to be successful as soon as possible. I think they should give up blogging at this moment. Because I know how powerful the patience is?


I have already told a lot about common blogging mistakes. It is very important for you to know about most common blogging mistakes. Because you will be careful about these mistakes and try to avoid these.

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