How to create Backlink for a Blog Post to Reach The First Page

Your blogging success depends on different issues. You need to fill up all the requirements that related to your blog, search engines, and your visitors. If you only publish content every day but you do nothing. You can not rank so you will not enough traffic. Your hard work will go in vain if you will not get any traffic to your post. We create a lot of backlinks for our blogs or root domains. It is not enough for you. You must create backlink for a blog post to reach the top of search engine results pages.

I have already told many things about off page SEO or backlink. Creating backlink is the most important factor of off page SEO. You need to create backlink for a blog post if you want to rank that post on google first page. Root domain backlinks and post backlinks both are important.

If you see some top ranking posts of a renowned blog, you will see that they have created hundreds of backlinks for these posts. So they ranked high than other blogs posts. So you need to create backlink for a blog post as much as possible. In this tutorial, I am going to show you some of the important and simple processes so that you can create a lot of quality backlinks for your blog post.

Create Backlink for a Blog Post

Comments on Relevant Posts

I think commenting is the most popular way to create backlinks for your blog as well as your blog posts. All most all the bloggers prefer to comments on others blogs.

Most of the time we build backlinks for our root domains. But now it the time to take your posts to the next level.

At first, you need to write a quality article maintaining on page SEO. Then you can create backlink for a blog post.

After publishing a post you need to share on social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, google plus, Pinterest, Linkedin and more. You can also share your quality images on Pinterest and Flickr. Because images also provide you a decent amount of targeted visitors.

Then the most important thing is that you need to build backlinks for your post if you want to rank this post on google. There are a lot of relevant posts, you need to comments on these posts with your post URL. You can build hundreds of backlinks for your post by blog commenting.

But you need to comments on quality posts and blogs.

Such as I have an article about “On Page SEO” and my keywords are “on page SEO techniques“. I want to build backlinks for this post.

Just go to google and search for on page SEO techniques then you can see a lot of results will appear in front of you.

Create Backlink for a Blog Post

Click on the every link and visit these articles then comment on every post with the link to your post. Try to comment on high DA, PA sites because it adds more value.

Before commenting, try to know something about this post, take a look on other comments, write a lengthy comment.

Create Backlink for a Blog Post

You can see my see my comment. I have tried to add a long comment and there is a question also to the author. That means I do everything so that the author will receive my comment.

One by one you need to visit all these links and add your comments with your post link.

You can search other keywords that related to your main keywords. You will get more posts links for commenting.

Example: My keywords are On Page SEO Techniques, I can also search using on page SEO, on page SEO for the beginners, how to do on page SEO, perfect guidelines of on page SEO, write SEO optimized blog post, and more.

Every time you will get more results.

Submit Your Post On Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are really important to increase your social signals and it also increases your page rank providing quality backlinks.

There are a lot of high PR social bookmarking sites are available. Here is a big list of high PR dofollow social bookmarking sites.

Select 10-20 sites and create backlink for a blog post. You can select more dofollow bookmarking sites. But remember you have to submit your site’s link before submitting your post link.

Sign Up all these sites with your Email ID. It is really easy to do.

Here I am going to show you the bookmarking process on Reddit It is one of the best and most popular bookmarking sites.

You can easily build backlink for your site and posts.

Just Visit and sign up for free.

Create Backlink for a Blog Post

After signing up, you can see two options: Submit a new link and Submit a new text post. Select Submit a new link. Now a page will appear. Enter the descriptive title, URL of that post and subreddit(keywords). Sometimes you need to enter a captcha. Here Just check the captcha.

Then Submit.

Create Backlink for a Blog Post

Visit all you favorite high PR bookmarking sites and submit your post’s link one by one.

Add Link On Directory Submission Sites

This is another important source creating backlink for a blog post. There are huge directory submission sites, you can build backlinks fro your post.

It is really easy to add a link on directory submission sites. Here is a list of high PR free directory submission sites.

Visit these sites one by one and add you post URL. You can submit your link without signing up. These sites allow you to create backlink for a blog post without any disturbing.

Such as is a high PR site. Visit this site and select category and click on Submit Link.

Create Backlink for a Blog Post

Then you can see a new page. Here you need to select pricing plan. If you want to submit without any costs select Regular Links.

Then enter your post title, URL, short description on your post, keywords, meta keywords, and more. Enter a captcha code if you need. Finally, click on continue.

Create Backlink for a Blog Post

You can create backlink for a blog post one by one on these directory submission sites.

Create Backlink for a Blog Post on Question & Answer Sites

There are a different question and answer sites are available. You can answer any question that related to your blog post and adds a link to that post with your answer.

You can target Quora because it is the best and most trusted Q&A site. It has millions of users who visit this site to get answers to their questions and you visit to answer a question and create backlink for a blog post.

You need to sign up before creating backlinks.

Such as you want to create a backlink of your post that related to On Page SEO. Just visit Quora and search On page SEO. Then you will get different questions related to On Page SEO.

Click any of these questions that you can answer and add the link to your post with your answer. You must add your link on the relevant topic.

Create Backlink for a Blog Post

Active in Forum Sites

Forum site is one of the perfect sources to create backlink for a blog post. There are a lot of dofollow forum posting sites are available. Create backlinks for your post on these sites.

Forum sites are just like questions and answers sites. You need to participate in a discussion. There are many like-minded people want to know more about your relevant topic or they ask questions. You can tell something about that topic if you know. If you have a post relevant that topic, add the link of your post.

Create Backlink for a Blog Post

Go to this link and you will get a page with others answers, click on reply or answer button.

Then type your answer and add your link into the keywords.

Create Backlink for a Blog Post

Monitoring The Backlinks of Your Competitors

`It is really a good idea to spy on your competitors. You can check the number of backlinks and backlinks sources of your competitors who ranked better than you or ranked on the first page of google.

Go to OpenSiteExplorer and paste the link of your competitor then see the number of backlinks of that post.

Create Backlink for a Blog Post

You also get the sources of backlinks. Visit all these sites and create backlink for a blog post if you want to rank with your competitors.

Create Backlink for a Blog Post


After publishing an article, you have to promote in different ways. Without promoting you will not get enough visitors. It is really hard to rank on google without creating enough backlinks for a blog post.

Here, I have shared all the important sources that most of the bloggers use to create backlink for a blog post. I hope if you follow my instruction, you will be 100% successfull to rank a blog post on google and other search engines.

But you need to focus on on page SEO optimized quality content. Then Google gives you extra value and you will earn some organic backlinks that add more value to your post.


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