How to Create Gov and Edu Backlinks for Free: High Quality Backlinks

We know the importance of backlink. I have already told any things on my different SEO articles about link building, the process to get backlinks from different sources. Creating quality backlink is the best way to ranking your site on the top of google. In this case, Gov and Edu backlinks can help you most.

On Page SEO Techniques or On Page Optimization Issues

I want to say the truth that most of the people who are working with us don’t know, the only backlink is not enough but the quality of backlink si enough for us to reach the top.

It does not matter that how many backlinks you have but it is really an important factor how many quality backlinks you have created for your site. If you have one quality backlink, it can do more for you than thousands of low-quality backlinks. So always focus on high PR, high domain authority, high page authority sites to get more and more quality backlinks.

How to create Backlink for a Blog Post to Reach The First Page

Gov and Edu backlinks are such high PR backlinks. Because most of the .Gov and.Edu sites are high PR and high DA. We know different domains such .com .net .org and more. Many of us don’t know how powerful the .Gov and .Edu domains. The trust level of these sites are very high and you can not buy these types of domains if you wish. If you get Gov and Edu backlinks, google will take extra care of your domain.

Where You Can Share Blog Posts for Traffic and Backlinks

So you need to know how to create Gov and Edu backlinks to increase your trust level to google and other search engines. In this tutorial, I am going to show you the best and interesting process of building backlinks that relevant to your keywords.

Build Gov and Edu Backlinks

It is not so easy to get backlinks from dofollow .Gov and .Edu sites. You can not build backlinks all these .Gov and .Edu sites. You should build backlinks only relevant pages or posts. So at first, you need to find the relevant sites to build backlinks.

Method -1

Commenting is the best way to get the backlink from these sites. There are a lot of .Gov .Edu sites you can build backlinks.

Go to google search inurl:blog “post a comment” or inurl:blog “leave a reply”

You will get a lot .edu sites to create backlinks.

Gov and Edu Backlinks

You can create backlinks on these .Edu sites. It may login before commenting.

If you search for inurl:blog “leave a reply”

You will get more results.

Build Gov and Edu Backlinks

If you want to get perfect backlinks from  .Edu sites then you need to target your keywords. It is possible to create keywords targeted backlinks.

Such as your keyword is SEO then enter  SEO inurl:blog “leave a reply” or SEO inurl:blog “leave a reply”

You will get the below results.

Build Gov and Edu Backlinks

Change the keywords and you will get more results to create backlinks on .Edu sites.

You can also do the same to find the relevant .Gov sites to build backlinks.

Such as you can search SEO inurl:blog “leave a reply” or SEO inurl:blog “leave a comment”  just replace .edu into .gov

Build Gov and Edu Backlinks

Now visit these links one by one and add your comment with the link on your site or posts. Try to write long, relevant and unique comment so that the admin will approve it. Before commenting read that article and comments, it will help you to write a perfect comment.

Build Gov and Edu Backlinks



Dofollow Gov and Edu backlinks are really helpful and powerful also to rank your pages or posts on google. But you need to select the perfect sites.

There is an awesome site that help you to create perfect and relevant backlinks for your site.

Using DropMyLink you can search blogs by keywords. You can find any type blog or forum for backlinks.

Select .Edu and .Gov  from the drop-down menu.

Build Gov and Edu Backlinks

You can also select different Category and Footprint from the drop-down menu.

Build Gov and Edu Backlinks


I hope you have understood how to create Gov and Edu backlinks. These backlinks are the must for your website or blog. This is also one of the google trusted backlinks. So you should be careful to create dofollow Edu and Gov backlinks using the above methods.

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