How to Create a Group on Facebook Easily and Quickly

Facebook is a popular social network. How important is the facebook for us? We love this site very much because it is our real life friend. We use this excellent social media in many ways. Mainly we communicate with others by facebook. We use facebook to share our views, feelings, outlooks and more. We also share our favorite images and videos with others on facebook. It is a great platform for us to build a big community. Facebook connect people all over the world. Facebook is really smart and up to date social  media. It knows what we need? So it always tries to give the best facilities to the users. Facebook group is really a wonderful feature of facebook. Here I show you how to create a group on facebook easily.

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You know there are thousands of groups on facebook. You may have joined different groups. If you know how to create a group on facebook, you can create your own. Many facebook users are really crazy for facebook groups and they pass long on these groups. But they don’t know how to create a group on facebook. They want to know how to create a group on facebook. My article will help you to create a group.

How to Create a Group on Facebook

  • Login to your account. Then click on More on the left-side in front of Groups. You can also click on this link.

How to Create a Group on Facebook

  • Then click on +Create Group on the right-top side.

How to Create a Group on Facebook

  • Then Create New Group page will appear. You  have to enter Group Name, select at least one members in the Members box. You can add this group to your favorites. Then the Privacy options, there are three options such as Public, Closed, and Secret. You can choose one of the privacy options. Finally, click on Create.

How to Create a Group on Facebook


  • Then you can choose your group’s cover photo, change some settings and more. That’s all. Your group has created.
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