Top 12 Data Recovery Software for the Operating Systems

Sometimes it occurs by your fault, my fault or nobody’s fault, it doesn’t matter. when you lost an important file from your PC. That means when a file you need is gone, I am damn sure you really want to do is get it back. You want it as quickly as possible. Yes, it’s possible by data recovery software which topic I am gonna describing here. Formatted by mistake? Deleted by sudden accident? Did drive corrupt by the latest attempt? Dragged an optical disc across the gravel parking lot? Ran the USB key through the wash? We’ve detected, seen, and even done most of them, and on the means, we’ve found the variety of nice tools to bring our information back from the dead.

Data Recovery Software

These are the 12 free data recovery tools run the gamut. There’s guaranteed to be a tool for this list which will bring your dead knowledge back too. As long because the drive isn’t physically dead, there’s an opportunity. strive one among these tools out. By using this tools hopefully, you can recover your data and speed up your computer.

Top 12 Data Recovery Software for Recover You Data

1. Pandora Recovery

With a free version for sick information from secondary drives, associated a pay version you’ll be able to place on a USB key to recover an OS drive, Pandora Recovery features a versatile providing that may bring back most information while not an issue.

2. Recuva

Both options are included here free and premium edition. Recuva is an amazing incredible and awesome tool for data recovery from Os(Operation System), Linux, and windows partitions. With supported for all windows version from XP through windows7, windows8 and 8.1, windows 10 also others. This is a great tool to bring dead data back to life. It is a tool that has saved me multiple times over the years.

3. PC Inspector (File Recovery)

It’s Completely free tool for a user, PC INSPECTOR File Recovery is a great recovery tool for Windows systems and others. It can recognize data types even when the header is missing, so you can recover from deletions, formatting, or even total volume loss. Its help you to fully recover your losses data.

4. Free Undelete

The name of this tool from OfficeRecovery. It’s free for your personal use, and it undeletes files that you have deleted, even if you SHIFT-DEL or empties the Recycle Bin. What it lacks in fancy options it over makes up for in potency and ease.

5. ADRC Data Recovery

This tool includes undelete, raw copy, imaging, copy, and boot sector repair. Actually, it is awesome for OS data recovery. You can use it without any doubt for your data, file, image recovery. In addition to the free versions, there is a unit pays versions with even a lot of options. you’ll be able to transfer a free trial of a bootable ISO with all of the tools on one image from ensure you look closely at every tool’s free version, as they embrace tons after you get the main points.

Data Recovery Software

6. Active File Recovery 

Hopefully, This is the first tool to try, as it can handle undeletes, deletes that belittle the Recycle Bin, formatted or corrupted files, lost partitions, and much more. Try it today for recover your data fast.

7.  Active Partition Recovery 

This tool will assist you to recover a formatted or repartitioned drive in its completeness. It can even fix lost MBR and GPTs and might scan from VMware virtual disk pictures. So, don’t late try today.

8. Active UNDELETE

This tool can run on Windows and recover data from non-Windows file systems including Linux UFS, EFS, HFS+, and others. If you like it for restore your data then go forward with it.

9. NTFS Data Recovery Toolkit

Built specifically for NTFS volumes, this toolkit includes a disk editor, recovery tools, and partition manager. It also has great instructions user guide on how to use each tool.

10. Unformat

Some of the time your external drive needs, Unformat can recover entire disks including external USB, thumb drives, and SD cards that you’ve accidentally deleted. It is the tool that can help you to recover those file with intercepted.

Some Of the Others List About  Data Recovery Software

11. Active Boot Disk Lite

12. WinHex

13. TestDisk

14. Wise Data Recovery

15. Soft Perfect File recovery

These are the Data Recovery Software which you will be used for your lost data or file which lost from your computer.

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