How to Disable Automatic App Updates on Windows 10 OS

Windows always comes with different features with their operating system. We know that Windows is the best and most popular operating system around the world. They are ruling the World OS market since 1985. I have no doubt that this technology giant will rule the OS market in future. Now Windows 10 is available for all the users. Millions of users have already installed Windows 10 on their PCs and laptops. Some users are waiting because they are happy with the old version. You have to think that the updated version has more features than the older one. Here this article is about how to disable automatic app updates on Windows 10?

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When the Windows 10 users install and upgrade Windows 10 they face the automatic app updates issue. Windows always send you updates so that the system remains fresh. It is important but when we always get app updates from Window, it will be disturbing. Some of the users don’t like this feature of Windows 10. So they want to stop automatic apps update in Windows 10. If you are a Windows 10 users you can do it easily. But you need to know how to disable automatic app updates on Windows 10?

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How to Disable Automatic App Update on Windows 10

Windows 10 is using by millions of users. This operating system has come with a lot of smart and excellent features.

It allows you to stop automatic apps update in Windows 10. Here two ways to disable Windows 100 app updates.

Method 1: By Setting Up a Metered Connection

Ar first, You need to open Settings app. You can press Windows key+I to open Settings app. Then tap on Network and Internet option.

Find out WiFi menu and click on it then select Advanced options.

How to Disable Automatic App Update on Windows 10

Now Wi-Fi page will come. You can see Metered connection option. Now Turn On set as metered connection.

That’s all. You have done.

Method 2: Disable Windows Update Option

Windows update helps the users. You can disable Windows update to stop automatic app update in Windows 10.

Open Run command. Press Windows key+R to open Run.

Type services.msc and enter.

The Services window will appear. Find Windows Update from the list. Click on it to open.

Now select General tab. Select Disabled from Startup type.

How to Disable Automatic App Update on Windows 10

Now click on Apply >> OK. Then restart your system.

You can enable Windows Update. Just repeat the process and select Automatic on Startup type.

Hope you enjoyed the article. Now you know how to disable automatic app updates on Windows 10?


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