How to Disable Comments WordPress Site

When you build a WordPress site, the comment option will appear by default. It is a common option for every site and blog. Commenting option is really an important issue for any WordPress site. A lot of users engage with you by commenting. But commenting option is not good for all. Sometimes you need to turn off comments in WordPress site. If you want to disable comments WordPress site. This article will help you to do that properly.

How to Allow Attachments in WordPress Comments Section

If you have the commenting option then there the users can share their ideas with you and other readers. So I have no doubt that commenting option is really important. But you can see that there are a lot of famous WordPress sites that have no commenting option. They have already turned off comments in WordPress.

Add Disqus Comments System in WordPress Site

Comments can be a reason of disturbing. If  you create a lot of pages and posts, you get a lot of comments every day. You need to manage these comments properly. You need enough time. On the other hand, bad comments decrease your SEO score. If you accept spam comments then you will suffer. So you need to know how to disable comments WordPress site if you want to turn off comments.

Add Google Plus Comments in WordPress Site

It is not very must important to disable comments WordPress. If you think you must disable comments then you can follow this article.

Disable Comments WordPress Site

There are two ways to turn off comments in WordPress. Here  I will show both ways so that you can do properly. You can disable comments manually from WordPress Dashboard or you can do it using WordPress plugin. Both ways are really easy to do.

Disable Comments WordPress: Manually

WordPress allows you to disable comments manually from WordPress dashboard.

Go to WordPress Dashboard then click on Settings >> Discussion.

Disable Comments WordPress

Then the Discussion Settings page come. Now you need to uncheck the checkbox in front of Allow people to post comments on new articles. You see the below image and then click on Save Changes.

Disable Comments WordPress

Disable Comments Word Press: Using Plugin

Now another great option to disable comments WordPress site. You need to install and activate No Page Comment plugin in WordPress.

Disable Comments Word Press

Now tap on Settings on WordPress dashboard then select No Page Comment.

Disable Comments Word Press

You can see the No Page Comment Settings page. Here you can able to disable comments and trackbacks on pages, posts, media, products, and more.

Disable Comments Word Press

You can disable comments any of these options by checking the boxes in front of Comments and Trackbacks.

There is another option to modify all current posts, pages, media and more comments.

Disable Comments Word Press

That’s all. You have done.

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