How to Disable Google Plus but Keep on Google Account

You may have a Gmail account that means you have a google plus account. You can use different services of google if you have a Gmail account. When you delete your Gmail account, you will lose your access to all google services related to that Gmail account.  But here I show how to disable google plus account keeping on google/Gmail account. It is really interesting that you can disable your google plus account without deleting your Gmail account.

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Google plus is an excellent and one of the most popular social networking sites. We have to use this site for many purposes. Google plus has not only a social media but also it is really important for your business. Bloggers, webmasters, SEO experts, online marketers and more know the importance of Google plus. It is highly recommended to be more active on google plus if you want to promote your online business. Sometimes we need to disable our google plus profile but we want to keep on google account. So I share with you how to disable google plus without deleting google account.

How to Disable Google Plus

  • Sign into your google plus account with your Gmail ID and password. Now click on your picture then select Account.

How to Disable Google Plus

  • Then a new page will appear. Click on Google+.

How to Disable Google Plus

  • Now scroll down. The click on here under Disable Google+ option.

how to disable google plus

  • Select Delete Google+ content

How to Disable Google Plus

  • Then scroll down and check the box Required: I understand that deleting this service can’t be undone and the data I delete can’t be restored. Then click on Remove selected services. That’s all. Now I hope you know how to disable google plus without deleting Gmail.

How to Disable Google Plus


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