Dofollow .Edu and .Gov Sites to Get Most Powerful Backlinks

I want to tell something about really an important factor for the bloggers. We always try to build backlinks for our blogs or sites. We believe that backlinks can boost out page rank and give us a lot of valuable traffic. Truly I must say that backlink can help us in many ways in our blogging journey it is not a belief  but true. We need to know from where we can get backlinks for our blogs/sites. Dofollow .edu and .gov sites can be a perfect source of your high-quality backlinks.

I didn’t know before that how powerful and perfect the backlinks are from dofollow .edu and .gov sites. When I knew about the d0f0llow .edu and .gov sites and tried to do something better by using these sites. I amazed that the power of the backlinks from these sites. One .edu or .gove site backlink can do better than other 10 backlinks from normal sites.

Every backlink such as blog commenting, forums posting, social bookmarking and more is really important for your unique SEO but backlink from dofollow .edu and .gov sites can increase your page rank in search engines easily and quickly. Google loves dofollow .edu and .gov sites because these sites are most trusted and non-profitable sites. So backlinks from these sites must  prefer by Google.

If you want to increase your google page rank and your Alexa rank you need to try to get backlinks in dofollow .edu and .gov sites. When you will build some backlinks in these sites you will see the magic of these sites, how powerful, effective and important these backlinks are?

So don’t waste your time if you looking for doing better in SEO. See my article and try to build backlinks in dofollow .edu and .gov sites by maintaining their rules and regulations. You can build backlinks in .edu and .gov sites by following some techniques and Drop My Link let you search different blogs or sites for your desired keywords.

dofollow .edu and .gov sites

Dofollow .edu and .gov Sites List


All these sites can be your real friend in blogging if you can build your valuable links in these dofollow  .edu and .gov sites.

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