How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Quora The Best Q&A Site

Getting enough traffic is one of the biggest challenges for any blogger. It is not easy to fill your blog with a lot of traffic. This challenge gets harder for the newbie bloggers because they have to wait with patience. If you can not do SEO perfectly you will not get traffic from google or other search engines. So you need to depend on other traffic sources. Most of the time we mainly depend on social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, google plus, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. But there is another massive traffic source that is Question and Answer Site. Quora is the best and most powerful site to drive huge traffic to your blog. Here I am going to tell you how to drive traffic to your blog using Quora.

If you are a beginner, you can get high-quality traffic with Quora. I was not serious about Quora but I was very serious to increase my traffic. When I started with Quora, my traffic increased day by day. Now I am a big fan of this site. I think Quora is more effective than other social networking sites. You get real traffic from this site and you can easily increase your reputation and build your authority using Quora. So you should know how to drive traffic to your blog using Quora?

Many bloggers ignore Quora but this site can be your best traffic machine. Driving traffic from Quora is really easy. Many successful bloggers are using Quora as their one of the most important traffic sources.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Quora

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Quora

Create Your Profile Perfectly

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Quora

Your profile is the first and most important impression for your users. A profile tells many things about your and your activities. You have an option on Quora to set up your tagline.

Your profile includes different options such as your bio, interest, profession, education, other social media links and more. The accuracy of your profile leads you to success. But if you confuse your users then your all efforts will go in vain.

Add your short bio, write everything about yourself with a short description, you can also add your blog link to your profile.

You should add your social media links with Quora on profile section.

Add Your Skills or Relevant Topics on The “Knows About” Section

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Quora

You must add your skills area in Quora. If you add your relevant topics, Quora will compile a list of questions for your answers.

So you need to add your relevant subjects. But remember you should not select such topic that is not relevant to you. Click on Edit just after Knows About and enter your relevant topics.

Your Follower is not Matter in Quora

Is the number of followers matter in Quora? The answer is “No.” Quora is not a social networking site. In Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, the number of fans and followers are the big issue. But in Quora, you need to crazy to increase the number of followers.

You just create your authority by providing great answers.

Find the Right Questions to Answer

You can not answer all the questions. You must select the right topics to answer. If you try to answer such a question you are not familiar or you have no idea, you will ultimately fail.

You should not write the wrong answer because it will break down your reputation. You can not attract the users with your low-quality answer.

Quora allows you to search all types of questions. If you are interested in On-Page SEO then enter  On-Page SEO on the Quora search bar and press enter.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Quora

You will get a lot of new and outdated questions, you can answer any of these questions if you have a good knowledge about it.

Try To Impress Your Readers with Interesting Answers

You can impress your readers with your enjoyable answers. You need to write an interesting answer so that readers can fulfill their thirsts with joy.

Read others answers then put your best answer. You need to know details about that topic before answering.

Add The Link of Your Post with Answer

If you have a relevant post on your blog, you can add your answer. But be careful, you should add too many links. You can add one link for your one answer.

But you should not add links with all answers. It will be spamming. Just add that link which is 100% relevant to that question. You can not add your link at the beginning of your answer. It will be disturbing.

Answer other Topics that are not Relevant to You

You should not only depend on your relevant topics. If you are a blogger you can answer blogging, SEO, WordPress, social media, make money online and different issues. But there are other topics that have good demand. If you have any idea about those topics you can answer.

Find trending topics on Quora. It will help to increase your view counts within a short time. You should not confine you in a limited area.

Do Not Over Promote Yourself

Excessive is always bad. I am sure Quora is a massive traffic source but it is not for all. If you don’t know how to drive traffic to your blog using Quora, you should until you learn.

I have already told you should not focus only promote your blog or your products. Quora is a big platform for you and your blog. I think you are more important than your site. So try to build your own platform on Quora with your good performance. Never take it only link building source.


Traffic from Quora is not secret, it an open secret, everybody knows about the power of Quora. If you want to get high-quality traffic from Quora then this article is for you.

It can be your best guidelines, I hope you will be successful withing a short time.

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