Evergreen Off Page SEO Techniques for the Bloggers

You must know about SEO, you have to know because SEO is the most important factor of your blog. Your success in this blogging industry mainly depends on SEO. I have already told many things about SEO. Today I want to share something interesting and important about evergreen off page SEO techniques. Off page optimization is really effective to rank higher in search engines.

The bloggers always try to get a perfect idea so that they can rank on search engines including google. If you can rank better on search engines then you will get more organic traffic on your blog. Evergreen off page SEO techniques help you to fulfill your intention. But you need to work hard by following rules and regulations.

There are two types of SEO: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Most of the experts and successful bloggers believe that On Page SEO is more important and effective than off page SEO. I also believe that because on page SEO display your quality or performance and off page SEO promote your product. If you have quality then you will automatically do better. But off page SEO techniques are still important. Because you need to show that you have quality. So I can say that both SEO techniques are important for the bloggers.

Off page SEO optimization is link building techniques. We can earn quality backlinks from different sources. But all the sources are not everlasting. Some off page SEO techniques will vanish due to Penguin and Panda updates.

So you need to follow evergreen off page optimization for your blog. Here are some of the reliable sources to do off page SEO.

Off Page SEO Techniques

Evergreen Off Page SEO Techniques

Guest Posting

Guest blogging is one of the most recommended off page SEO techniques. This is really effective to get a powerful backlink along with a lot of visitors. You are really safe with guesting posting.

Even Penguin and Panda updates will not do any harm to your blog. So you can select guest blogging as an evergreen off page SEO optimization.

You need to write for other websites or blogs. If the visitors like your content then they will try to visit your blog. Try to write a fresh, unique and informative article. Here are some of the best sites that offer guest blogging.

Social Bookmarking 

Social bookmarking is a really powerful way to get quality backlinks from high PR sites. I like this off page SEO technique. I think you also try to do this for the betterment of your blog.

The SEO has changed but social bookmarking is really effective to increase your google ranking score. It is really easy to do social bookmarking. There are different high PR bookmarking sites, just visit these sites and sign up for free then submit your blog, articles with proper information.

Questions and Answers Sites

We get everything from the internet. Google is our best teacher. If we need anything to know, we ask to google and it will answer us. But if we don’t get anything then we can ask for the help.

There are a lot of sites that are ready to help us when we need to know something important. These are the questions and answers sites. You can ask a question or you can answer others questions. Using this technique you can build a backlink for your blog. Just add the link to your site with your question or answer. Here are some of the best question and answer sites for you.

Video Sharing

Using your videos you can promote your blog perfectly. Video sharing is one of the best off page SEO techniques. It is really helpful to get more visitors on your blog.

You can easily create some videos those are related to your blog. Share these videos on popular video sharing sites with your site’s link. Some of the best video sharing sites are YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vibe and more.

Photo Sharing

I love to share my photo on different sites. I used to share my photo on Pinterest, facebook, twitter, google plus and more. There are a lot of photos sharing sites such as Instagram, Imgur, Flickr, Photobucket, Shutterfly, DevianArt and more.

You can share your photo on these sites to get quality backlinks. This is one of the popular evergreen off page SEO techniques.

Directory Submission

Directory submission is another off page SEO optimization technique. Many think that directory submission is not working. But I still believe it is really effective to increase your good SEO score.

There a lot of directory submission sites, try to submit your site to niche directories.

Classifieds Submission

You need to advertise your blog on the internet. Classified ads sites help you to promote your blog over the internet. You can also get powerful backlinks from these classified ads sites.

There are hundreds of websites available for you to post classifieds for your blog. Most of the websites offer 3 months services after submission date. Here is a list of best classified ads sites from my site.


These are the best off page SEO techniques in 2017. You need to follow all these SEO techniques if you want to get powerful backlinks for your blog.

These backlinks help you to rank better on search engines. Then you will get enough traffic from search engines. These sites also big sources of traffic for your blog. I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have any question, please ask me.

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