Top 6 Free Broken Link Checker Tool To Remove Dead Link

Broken link is not good at all for your blog or website. You need to find out these broken links carefully then remove broken link from your blog. You can not find out broken link manually because you need enough time and it is also disturbing for you. So you need a free broken link checker tool so that you can find that broken or dead link easily.

Top 6 Free Backlink Checker Tools To Check Backlink Free

When you update and modify your site some dead links could be generated automatically. There is a negative effect on your overall SEO if you have some dead links. So you should use free broken link checker tool. Using this tool you can check your whole website or web pages to find the broken link or dead link.

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Your internal and external links can be broken links. Sometimes you have to check this dead link if you want to increase your good user experience. Your visitors do not prefer the dead link. So try to remove as soon as possible using free broken link checker tool.

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What is Broken Link?

Broken link or dead link is a hyperlink a blog or website is linked to such web page that is not available. When someone clicks on a broken link, he/she will not get any information.

You will see 404 Error page after clicking a broken link. This type of link can be problematic for the visitors because they do not get their desired web page.

6 Free Broken Link Checker Tool

Google Webmaster Tools

Free Broken Link Checker Tool

There are a lot of broken link checker tools Google Webmaster is the best free broken link checker tool. It is a google product and this tool is enough for you to check any dead link.

We use webmaster tool for various purposes. This tool is enough for making an SEO friendly website or blog. Since the dead link is an SEO issue so this tool helps you to detect and remove broken link.

You need to submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools then you can check the dead link on Crawl Errors.

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Online Broken Link Checker

Free Broken Link Checker Tool

Broken Link Checker in another free broken link checker tool. This online tool is really popular and you can use this tool without any doubt. This tool is my favorite tool after google webmaster.

You can scan unlimited pages using this tool and it checks your internal and external broken links. You can use this tool on Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux and more. Just enter your URL and click on Find broken links. You need to enter a captcha code. It will automatically check your all broken or dead links and you will get the best results.

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W3C Link Checker Tool

Free Broken Link Checker Tool

W3C Link Checker is really a powerful tool. This one tool remove your problems related to links, web pages, anchors, CSS and more. This is is mainly XML, CSS and HTML validation tool.

This tool checks your whole coding system and if it finds anything wrong with coding, this tool informs you. This tool is also an excellent free broken link checker tool. You can check all pages of your blog using W3C.

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Dead Link Checker 

 Free Broken Link Checker Tool

Dead Link Checker has both free and paid version. If you want to get quality features then you can upgrade. But the free version is also excellent for the beginner. This free broken link checker tool allows you to check multi sites using Multi Check and check your website on a regular basis using Auto Check.

You can use this tool without signing up. But you need to sign up if you want to use upgrade features.

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Submit Express Broken Link Checker

Free Broken Link Checker Tool

Submit Express is totally free broken link checker tool. This is not only a dead link checker tool but you can also use this tool for various purposes such as meta tags analyzer, link popularity, keyword suggestion, SEO dictionary, page rank checker tool, reciprocal link checker and more. But this tool is best as broken link checker.

It is really a simple tool, anyone can use this tool to find out the dead link.

Xenu Link Sleuth


Xenu is another most powerful dead link checker tool. It has no online service so you can not check broken link directly just like other tools. You need to download this tool on your Windows PC.

This tool is really simple, after downloading you can use without any disturbing. This tool checks your all web pages to find out the broken link. It also checks your title, description, HTTP status code, URL redirection and more.

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