How to Get on Blocked Websites without any Puzzle

There are thousands of important websites on online. Every website is important but some websites can be a cause of disturbing. So the authority blocks some websites in a specific area. Such as social networking sites are really important. But the students waste most of the time on social media. Social media can hamper their education. In the office time, workers also use some of the interesting websites that hamper their works. So the authorities block some of these websites in school, college or office so that no one can access these  websites. They try to unblock blocked websites. Sometimes you need to access a blocked website, what you should do? If you still want to unblock blocked websites you need to know how to get on blocked websites.

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When you try to unblock blocked websites, you need to know about the local authorities. If  they totally banned a website due to some restrictions, you should not access this website because is a violation of rules. But if you have no problem you can use these tricks to unblock blocked websites. But you need to know how to get on blocked websites. Here I will show you some of the most effective tricks that help you to unblock blocked websites.

How to Get on Blocked Websites

Use IP Instead of the URL

It is a perfect method to unblock a website. You can use IP not your URL to access any blocked website. In the local computer, doing a ping command in command in Command Prompt will return you the IP address. The Mac users can use Terminal. You can also use a website service that is WhatMyIP.

Use Google Cache

Every site has a cached version. So the blocked website should have cached version. You can access the data of the blocked website with the help of google cached version. When you find your important website or blog has been blocked by the authorities but you need that website.

Such as you want to read but it has blocked in your area, then go to google search and type Then you will show the cached version by google. When you will click on cached that will be redirected to the site.

How to Get on Blocked Websites

Using Short URL

Using short URL you can access a blocked site. Sometimes this method work but all the time may not work. You need to convert your main URL into short URL. You can use google URL shortener to convert long URL into short URL.

Using Google Translate

Google translate is the best tools that convert one language to another. There is a way to access blocked website using google translate. Go to Google Translate, enter the URL of the blocked website in the text area and select any language except English. You need to select English as the destination language. Then click on Translate.

How to Get on Blocked Websites

Use Proxy Websites

There are hundreds of proxy websites that help you access blocked website. Just go to a proxy site and enter the blocked URL. A proxy website becomes a moderator between you and the site. The proxy websites are connected to the proxy server that sends you the blocked website.

Internet Archive – Wayback Machine

This tools largely use by the bloggers. This tool uses to take the lost data in your site. Wayback Machine service keeps a copy of all the websites. This internet archive is used as a backup and give data of our site. You can use this service to get access a blocked website.

Subscribe to RSS Feed

This can be a way to access a blocked site. But not for all sites. If that site provides RSS feeds, you can subscribe and read it with an RSS reader.

Tor Browser

Tor browser is really effective to access blocked website. This browser hides your location and staying innominate.

Use Tools

There are different tools are available in the market you can use to access a blocked site. These tools mainly work based on VPN.  Most of the tools are free. Such as TunnelBear, HotSpot Shield, CyberGhosts and more.


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