Commenting Tips: Get Comments on Your Blog Posts

Every blogger wants to get comments on blog post. Blog owners like to see a lot of comments on their every single blog post. But most of the blog owners can not fulfill their desire. It is not too much easy to get comments on every single blog post. You need to fill up some requirements to increase comments on your posts.

Add Disqus Comments System in WordPress Site

After writing an awesome article, you should get comments. But if you do not get, you have to think that there are some reasons that way you do not get comments.

Many bloggers are not satisfied with low comments so they want to increase comments.

How to Add Facebook Commenting System to Blogger Blog

You will get enough comments but you need to do something for this purpose. This tutorial shows you how to increase comments on your posts.

Enable Google Plus Comments to Blogger Blog

Comment is an indicator from the readers. You can justify your articles with the help of blog comments. If you receive a lot of comments then you can think that you are OK.

When a new visitor see you have enough comments on your posts then they will get a positive thinking and he/she also inspires to place a comment. So the importance of comments is really crucial.

Blog commenting is also a great way to build a relation with your readers and other bloggers. They share their opinions by comments. You can get perfect feedback by comments.

There are a lot of bloggers who don’t get enough comments on their posts. The need to know how to get comments to their blog posts.

 Get Comments

How to Get Comments on Blog Posts

Your Content Inspire People 

If you expect comment then you must have the capability to get it. Your content determines your capacity. Content is such a factor that inspires the readers most to comments your posts.

You have to create such an article that deserve comments. If you have a lot of excellent articles then you will receive enough comments from the readers. Every comment is helpful for you.

You can learn more from negative comments and get more inspiration from positive comments.

After reading your article readers make a decision that you are eligible for comment or not. The quality of your content force the readers for commenting.

Different Commenting Systems Increase Your Chance

Many types of people visit your site. Different people have different choices. Some people like Disqus, some people Google plus, some people facebook commenting, some default commenting system.

You have different options so you can add different commenting systems on your blog. I want to say you should not use more than two commenting systems. Because it looks odd.

This is really an interesting idea that increases your chance to get more comments. You can use different commenting systems on blogger and WordPress.

Make a Good Relation by Replying Comments

You readers must want that you reply their comments. They may ask you question or they want to know more then you should reply their comments. It will help you to build a good relation with your readers.

You need to be helpful so that readers will take you positively. You can impress your readers easily by replying their comments. So you need to reply all the comments coming to you so that you can get comments more and more.

Ask Question to Motivate

It is really a good idea to ask a question at the end of the post. You have the opportunity to get good answers from your readers. So you can ask a question to get comments.

When you ask a question then your readers try to give you answer if they know. You know how to ask a question. Try to ask your content related question. You can easily motivate your readers by asking a question to them.

Show the Newest Comments First

You can show the newest comments first on your blog. By default, WordPress and blogger show the oldest comment first. If you change the settings and show the latest comment first then commenters will inspire to comments on your blog posts.

It will help you to get comments on your blog.

Comment Moderation is Better than Captcha

When you get comments more and more, it will increase the chance to get more spam comments. Many bloggers use Captcha to block spam comments. It is effective but not user-friendly. Some commenters don’t like Captcha at all. They believe that it is waste of time.

Instead of Captcha, you can use comment moderation option. This process is also helpful to protect spam comments. You can find spam comments manually. Comment moderation is also user-friendly.

Search Engines Traffic Comments more Than Other

Search engines ranking is really important for your blog or website. It helps you in many ways. If you want to get comments then you must rank your posts on search engines. Because organic traffic is your real traffic.

When you get a lot of organic traffic then your will receive enough comments.


There are different techniques are available to get comments on your blog posts. Here I have shared all the important factors that will help you to get comments.

Since comment is an indicator of your performance so you need to try to get comments on your every blog post.

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