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Issuu is an online digital publishing site. You can publish your PDF, Word, Excel files on this site. You can also publish different types of Magazines. Issuu is an excellent high authority site. It is one of the best and most popular files or document sharing site. If you are a blogger, you can get traffic from In my previous article, I have told you how to increase traffic/visitors using document sharing sites like Slideshare and Scribd. This article is about another top class document sharing site Issuu.

Share Blog Post on SlideShare/Scribd: Get Targeted Traffic and Powerful Backlink

Many bloggers are worried about their blog’s traffic or visitors. They are trying different methods to increase their site’s traffic. But if they can not apply perfect methods, they will fail. Focus only search engines or google traffic is really a big mistake for the newbie bloggers. It is not easy to get google traffic at the beginning because different issues depend on search engines traffic. So the talented bloggers try on different sources. Document sharing sites are such a powerful source of referral traffic. You can easily increase traffic/visitors using document sharing sites.

How to Build Backlink on Behance and Lindaikejisocial: High Authority Backlinks is a high PR, high authority site. It has millions of users, so you have a big chance to get huge targeted traffic from this site. You can also get a powerful dofollow backlink from this site. Here I am gong to show you how to get traffic from Issuu and how to get dofollow backlink from this site.

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Get Traffic from

It is really easy to increase traffic using document sharing site like Because these sites have huge visitors. You need to share your blog posts as PDF format on document sharing sites. Then the visitors will automatically come to your site.

I try to share my every blog post on Issuu and other document sharing sites as PDF format. If you have magazine, Word/Excel files, you can share on Issuu to get more traffic.

Here I will tell you about to share your blog post on

At first, you need to visit your web page. Then convert your post into PDF and save on your PC.

There different online tools are available to convert your web page into PDF.

Your web browsers allow you to convert your post into PDF.

I personally use Microsoft Word because it has several editing options.

When you have completed. Visit and click on SIGN UP.

Enter your Name, Email and Password then SUBMIT. You can also sign up with your Google Plus or Facebook account.

Get Traffic from Issuu

ctivate your account. You will get an email to your inbox, open your mail and click on the activation link.

Now you are a member of

Then complete your profile. Place your mouse cursor on your profile image and select Account Settings.

Now enter your details such as display name, city, country, your bio and most importantly your blog or website address. It will provide you a powerful dofollow backlink.

Finally, click on SAVE CHANGES.

Get Traffic from Issuu

If you want to get traffic from, you must complete your profile.

Now click on your profile image. You can see a dofollow backlink of your site just below your profile datils.

Get Traffic from Issuu


Then you need to upload your documents on Issuu. Here I upload my blog post as PDF on this site.

Just click on UPLOAD near your profile image.

Get Traffic from Issuu

Then Select a File To Get Started. You can also drag & drop your documents.

After uploading your documents, you need to enter the title, description and more. You can also add your site’s URLs on the description section.

Finally, click on PUBLISH NOW.

Get Traffic from Issuu

Publish your all blog posts one by one using this method. Convert into PDF before publishing.

Conclusion is not only a source of powerful dofollow backlink but it is also a great source of traffic. So you should try to get traffic from I hope this article must help you to reach your goal.

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