How To Get Traffic From The Specific Country USA, UK, Canada & Australia

In this article, I am going to share you how to get traffic from the specific country? We know visitors or traffic are the most important factor of blogging or other online businesses. You have more traffic that means you have more clicks and you get more sales. So there is no alternative to traffic.

We get traffic from different countries. But all the traffic can not do the same for us. Because different traffic has the different value. Such as you get traffic from India, Pakistan or other Asian countries but another blogger gets traffic from USA, UK or other western countries. He must get more benefits than you. Traffic from USA, UK, and Canada increases your Adsense earnings and Affiliate sales. So you need t reach the visitor of USA, UK, Canada & Australia.

If you are using Adsense and facing low CPC rate then you can increase your revenue if you target these countries. Not only for Adsense but also other ad networks and affiliate marketers need traffic from US, UK, Canada and Australia.

How to Get Traffic from the Specific Country

Search Keywords Targeting the Specific Country

You know the importance of keywords. It is very important SEO technique. There are different keywords research tools. I am using google Adwords Keyword Planner. It is a free tool and has different options just like other paid tools.

Google Adwords has many targeting and filtering options. You can target any country or location. Then search for your keywords. Select those keywords which have good searches in that country and competition is perfect for you.

Such as you need US traffic, login to your Adwords account and select Keyword Planner from the Tools menu. Enter your keywords and click on  All locations and then enter the US and select the United States from the drop down menu.

Then Get ideas.

How to Get Traffic from the Specific Country

Buy Domain Name Targeting Country

Your domain name is really important. You need to know how to know how to buy the perfect domain name if you want to know how to get traffic from the specific country.

We know that .com, .net, .org domains are the best and you can rank better using these domains. But if you target any specific country then buy the country specific domain. Such as  UK sites generally, use .co.uk and Australian sites use the .au extension. So if you target these countries then use their domain extensions for the better result.

Submit Your Site to Local Search Engines

Submitting to search engines is a crucial issue. There are a different country based search engines. You need to submit your site to all local search engines. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the best and most powerful search engines all over the world. These are the USA based search engines.

There are some other local search engines such Oscobo and Mojeek are UK based search engines and Baidu, 360 Search, Sogou is China-based search engines. Submit your site to these search engines to get local traffic.

Add Your Site on Local Directories and Classified Websites

If you want to reach the visitor of USA, UK, Canada & Australia, you need to add your site to local directories and classified websites. Web directories and classified websites are really helpful to reach targeted visitors. It also helps you to create quality backlinks.

Some USA Based Directories

  • www.jayde.com
  • www.somuch.com
  • www.dmoz.org
  • www.1abc.org
  • www.1websdirectory.com
  • www.stpt.com/directory
  • www.inteligentd.com
  • www.americasbest.com
  • www.chiff.com
  • www.cannylink.com

Some UK Based Directories

  • www.020.co.uk
  • www.add-site.co.uk
  • www.advertisingdirectory.co.uk
  • www.admax.co.uk
  • www.backlink.org.uk
  • www.blueclaw.co.uk
  • www.bmzww.com
  • www.deaf247.co.uk
  • www.directoryinfo.co.uk
  • www.find-uk.com

Canadian Classified Websites

  • www.freetoclassifieds.com
  • adskeep.com
  • addelhi.com
  • www.goldclassifieds.com
  • www.locanto.ca
  • www.bizcaf.ca
  • classifieds.canoe.com
  • yourclassifieds.ca
  • www.adpost.com/ca/
  • www.postad.ca

Australian Classified Websites

  • www.quokka.com.au
  • www.newsclassifieds.com.au
  •  advertisers.com.au
  • www.cracker.com.au
  • www.gumtree.com.au
  • www.locanto.com.au
  • www.ebay.com.au
  • www.freetoclassifieds.com
  • adskeep.com
  • australia.cracker.com.au

Try To Get Backlink from Local Site

You can easily reach the visitors of USA, UK, Canada & Australia by creating the backlink on local sites. The backlink is the most important factor if you want to rank in search engines like google.

Many sources are available to get the backlink. But when we target a specific country then we should build backlink on local sites such as local blog sites, classified sites, web directories, bookmarking sites and more.

Use The Power Of Social Media

We know the power of social media. At present, social networking sites are one of the most important issues for all class of people. You can easily reach the specific country using social media.

Facebook is the best for any country. But if you target USA, UK, Canada, Australia then you should active in Google Plus and Twitter with Facebook.

There are different Facebook/LinkedIn groups and Google Plus communities, join these relevant local groups and communities and share your idea, content with the members.


I hope you all have enjoyed this article. It is really an important issue to get traffic from USA, UK, Canada and Australia. It will increase your reputation and your earnings. This traffic is more valuable than other. If you know how to get traffic from the specific country, you can target any country for more traffic.

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